Band of Others Endurance Racing

by Kyle Breen-Bondie on October 15, 2015

iRacingBand of Others Racing, a new up-and-coming GT3 team consisting of seven drivers currently, made headlines last week after confirming two car entries for the Blancpain Endurance Series. The submissions came ahead of BES’s first round at Road Atlanta, slated for Saturday the 10th.

The three hour endurance race would mark the team’s first official endurance series together, after many hours of practice and a few unofficial Endurance Series races.

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A Gamers Life – Darkness

by Duke on September 10, 2015

Still moves swiftly for an old man

He has time to think.

This, his last thought.

Interrupted by a hot flash of pain over one ear.

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A Gamers Life – Unpleasant Slumber

by Duke on August 28, 2015

The sun pokes through lazy moving cloud, spreading its glory on the meadow below.

A warm breeze carrying music only dancing flowers can hear.

Children playing.

Children running.

Children laughing.

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A Gamers Life – Bracing

by Duke on August 28, 2015

Shadow swiftly moving toward him.

Closing the distance impossibly quick.

A yell rings out, unintelligible, surely hostile.

His first instinct, run, now thwarted.

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A Gamers Life – Instinctively

August 28, 2015

That’s one big fucking mouse! The thought almost comical if he weren’t so stressed. Shocked, staring, standing frozen. Time seemingly stretched over an age

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A Gamers Life – Shadow

August 18, 2015

So frustrating! The night wasted and little to show for it. Devoid of choice, must search the entire house. Need to be quick about it, dawn approaching.

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A Gamers Life – Amidst the Shadows

August 18, 2015

Inside now, certainly dryer but no warmer. Eyes need not adjust much in here, darkness is what drew him in. He pauses for a moment taking in his surroundings. A dark room filled with even darker shadows. Sparsely populated by shapes only slightly discernible.

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A Gamers Life – The Learning

August 11, 2015

It only gets worse. I know what happened, now is the why. …their why.  

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A Gamers Life – Now and Then

August 10, 2015

It’s impossible to describe the separation. It’s as if I’m being ripped in two with both parts remaining whole. Duplicity. My body carries forward yet I remain behind. I can feel as myself but cannot feel as him, only remember.

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A Gamers Life – Void

August 10, 2015

I return again to the stark darkness. Where was I, how did I get here? Floating suspended, not sitting nor standing; a purgatory I’ve never imagined. Cold, empty and seemingly endless, barren yet somehow full of…life?

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