iRacingThe final stretch of the GRAsim V8 Supercar league included three races on Band of Others Racing’s home continent. With just four rounds to go, Marc Gammack led the team in the drivers standings, sitting in sixth. Kyle Breen-Bondie and Ken Lindberg were also in the top-10 sitting 9th and 10th respectively. In the Team Championship, ‘B2O A’ sat 3rd, 522 points behind ‘Newfornia Motorsports B’ and 963 points behind ‘Newfornia Motorsports A’.  Round 9 brought the teams to Florida for the Sebring International Superprix, where B2O fielded three drivers; Marc, Kyle, Ryan Casteline!

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iRacingBand of Others started the second quarter of the season with a bit of a new attitude. After top 5 finishes for Dino’s, at CTMP, and Kyle, at Monza, the team no longer just felt like a “back of the pack” team.  Although they claimed to maintain the “…just finish…” attitude that carried them through the first three rounds, B2O left Monza with a little more confidence. They also left Italy with a bit of a budding rivalry! After a few on track run-ins with Newfornia Motorsports, the two teams took to social media for a bit of jesting. As B2O Racing gained speed over the last few weeks, however, the number of on-track battles between B2O and Newfornia drivers has not been few and far between! [click to continue…]



The Band of Others Racing team made a bold, and somewhat unexpected, decision at the start off the 2015 Season 2 to start up a V8 Supercar team, competing in the GRAsim V8 Supercar League.

The upstart team initially brought an all rookie line-up led by a Canadian, Ken Lindberg, teamed with United States native, Marc Gammack.

Even before the first round, a second B2O Racing ‘B’ team was created and a third car was brought with the team for the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park Superprix.

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