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Hello all,

It has always been our goal to emulate the real world Blancpain GT Sprint Series as close as possible given the limitations of peoples time, availability as well as options available within the iRacing League System.

Having said that, there are times when we cannot realistically work by Blancpains model as it doesn't provide a framework to satisfy the requirements of virtual racers.

Scoring is one of these areas.

Our League is now running in it's second year and clear issues have begun to identify themselves within our past Seasons scoring system such as:
  • No risk incident system: A driver could easily make up time on track by simply taking short cuts as incidents were not penalized strictly enough.
  • Race completion incentives: Many racers were dropping out after a crash as it made no difference in the points if one opted to not complete a race.
  • Clean driving initiative: Drivers were not given enough incentive to drive cleanly as it made no difference in how that Driver was scored.
  • Off pace Drivers left in the cold: This is one of the worst mistakes we made in that only the fast guys scored well. The pace leaders were given points for leading laps and winning races and could literally run away with the points at Season end. The worst part is they could do so and still accrue an above average amount of incidents.
All of these areas have been identified and we are currently in testing to alleviate them.

We're also attempting to reward Drivers based off a more realistic recipe that is approachable by Drivers of all skill levels:
  1. The more laps you turn the better you score regardless of skill
  2. The cleaner you race the better you score
  3. Being fast is only rewarded if you drive cleanly
  4. Incidents now have an effect on Leaderboard position.
Moving forward we'll discuss adding rewards in other areas such as bonuses for Drivers who bring others into the League, most improved Driver, most consistent Driver, etc. (Community Feedback required).

In essence, we're trying to balance scoring as much as possible.

Should you be interested in the current run of testing please see the following links:

- 2 Points/10 incidents, lap % scoring: http://danlisa.com/scoring/season_standings.php?season_id=6147

- 3 Points/10 incidents, lap % scoring: http://danlisa.com/scoring/season_standings.php?season_id=6148

- 4 Points/10 incidents, lap % scoring: http://danlisa.com/scoring/season_standings.php?season_id=6151

- 5 Points/10 incidents, non-lap % scoring: http://danlisa.com/scoring/season_standings.php?season_id=6013

Lap and non-lap % scoring: This means you are scored a % of the points you would have had based off the % of laps you turned at the end of the race.


It's still very early in the Season but you can see what effect the varying configurations have on the overall leaderboards.
Can we have minus points for connecting from Australia and hiding your line within latency warping?

Also, Marc seems to have figured this out from the start :). He managed to have 31 incidents without any penalty points by making sure he doesn't get over 10 in each race.


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That's one of the things I like the most as it clearly demonstrates how well you can do if you manage to run cleanly even if you run a percentage of the leaders laps.

Of course it's a double edged sword as we don't want people gaining positions for running half the amount of the leaders laps so it's something we'll have to monitor for now.


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I've been monitoring the scoring and so far I like how it's working with one exception, negative point scoring.

For the most part, negative point scoring works well as it encourages cleaner driving. It also almost completely alleviates the flaw where a driver can win the race by simply accumulating off tracks and shaving off valuable time.

The problem is the potential exists for a driver to score less during a race than someone who never participated at all.

In the Main Race this isn't a problem because the scoring is high enough to neutralize negative scoring but not so in the Qualify Races as seen here: http://danlisa.com/scoring/season_standings.php?season_id=6538&grid=y&schedule_id=73930

The Qualify Race equates to a maximum of 16 points for the Race Winner (10 [Race Win] +1 [Bonus Point] +5 [0 incidents]) however most winners only ever receive 11 points. Each lesser position across the finish line is 1 point less to a minimum of 1 point.

This means that anyone who competes in a Qualify Race both finishing outside the Top 10 and accruing 10 + incidents will receive a -3 in their scoring.

For this reason it's actually better to miss the Qualify Race all together rather than risk losing points for not finishing well or squeaky clean.

For obvious reasons this needs to be adjusted however it cannot be adjusted to remove negative scoring. Negative scoring is essential to keeping drivers on track but there is another way to deal with this issue.

There is a Bonus for "Finish Race" that I'll be using to offset the negative scoring in both the Qualify and Main Races.

This means that each Driver who completes the Race will score 3 points automatically. If you happen to get 20+ incident points however you will still receive a -3 point score.

To be fair though, if you receive this many incident points weekly you're probably not a good fit for our League.

I'll update the scoring based off the new criteria and we'll see how things change.

NOTE: To receive points for "Finish Race" you MUST complete 95% of the Leaders Laps. The 95% rule applies to all League Scoring and is in place to keep people on track.


Oh, no, don't you watch the Oscar Red Carpet, designer is not relevant other than for a shout out ;) the points go to the person who wears it best :p


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Oh, no, don't you watch the Oscar Red Carpet, designer is not relevant other than for a shout out ;) the points go to the person who wears it best :p
You are just assuming you'll look better in that red dress than I do.

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Hahaha, such a great movie!!! So will this be a straight walk off, old school rules?

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It appears as if the current formula we have for point scoring is working as intended. As it turns out, 3 penalty points for every 10 incidents is punishing enough to encourage clean driving for the most part.

It has also helped reel in the OP Drivers among us as a win isn't really a win anymore given the penalties.

What we still lack however are bonus point scoring rules to keep people on track. The current scoring system is a near 50/50 split on bonus and penalty points and I'd personally like to see more bonuses in there.

It is very easy to assign custom bonuses and I think doing so will not only help entice Drivers to drive more but also help bring in more Drivers which we very much need.

Some ideas I'd like to propose:
  • 4 week bonus (8 races total) + 10 bonus points (must complete 90% of the Leaders laps).
  • 8 week bonus (16 races total) + 10 bonus points (must complete 90% of the Leaders laps).
  • Recommend a friend + 25 bonus points (League Member and friend must compete in 8 Races each [minimum] for bonus to apply).
As in the past I realize there will be resistance to these ideas but before sharing them please keep in mind we have 20 Drivers in the League yet HAVE NOT ONCE fielded all at the same time.

WE NEED to build these grids and that requires experimentation to find a recipe that appeals to a slightly larger audience than we currently have.

Also, there is no reason we cannot run an Official Scoring Season alongside a Test Scoring Season as we did when we were determining the incident point system we currently employ.

Are you all ok if I run a Test Season along our Current Season at Danlisa and see how it comes out at the end of S3?


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Season 2 2017 results are up.

Patrick @PancakesYUMMY takes the win by a comfortable margin over myself and Noel @Noodleguitar. Marc @Zac_Sonic and J. von Veenershnitz @Jeeve79 round out the Top 5.

Of note, scoring is more interesting now as laps counted may not be enough to score higher than the next driver if your races aren't clean. @Jeeve79 edged out @Brainling for 5th and @TokyoGwB took 7th over @Kinger all due to bonuses/penalties instead of starts.

Great racing with you all and if the grids are any indication, S3 2017 should prove an interesting Season.


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After 4 races Season 3 2017 is certainly looking interesting. The bonuses and penalties are making for some interesting results which are going to challenge each and every one of us to maintain or improve upon position.

@PancakesYUMMY should be in the lead however penalties have him in a tie for 2nd with @TokyoGwB. @TokyoGwB leads all drivers with clean stints and a total of 22 bonus points; 10 higher than the next closest driver.

It's too early to say for certain but so far it looks as if pace isn't going to be enough to populate the leaders board. You will need to participate and finish strong completing 90% of the leaders laps cleanly; a challenge for any driver.

Lastly, I'll likely run 2 parallel test seasons alongside this one and test for the following:
  • Adjustment - 3 points for every 8 incidents
  • Adjustment + 3 points for finishing with 0 incidents


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Scoring is up for Season 3, 2017 and the results are pretty interesting.

Both Bonus and Penalty points made a pretty big difference in some cases but when taken alongside weeks counted and laps turned I'm not sure they skewed the standings that much.

For the most part, Starts and Weeks Counted are in order however given the Bonuses/Penalties it is possible to leap frog a few close competitors by just driving cleaner which is not a bad thing.

Please have a look at the standings and share your comments.


Well im happy,mostly because I'm here,then with standings :)

Also what can I do to have ć or c at the end of my surname,? is just bad
Should I contact iRacing?


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Well im happy,mostly because I'm here,then with standings :)

Also what can I do to have ć or c at the end of my surname,? is just bad
Should I contact iRacing?
We can change your name to anything you want in League but for your actual account you'll need to contact iRacing Support.

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