B2O League Fridays - Week 13 Ideas


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As you all know, Week 13 is typically a week where there is no B2O League event.

To date a few have voiced ideas to potentially run an "Unofficial" Week 13 event with League Drivers.

With that in mind do you have any ideas of what you'd like to run, where and why?

Please share your ideas.

As always popular opinion will dictate what we do.



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There are certainly some good ideas here but the best bet is likely something we can do with free content that we all have as iRacing Members.

What I'd like to see is if we could actually race a track in reverse like we do at the end of our Main Race.

Does anyone know if I setup a session for 5 minutes official something and left the rest blank if the session would allow for 55 minutes of shenanigans?

Something like Lime Rock reverse in Caddy's would be pretty fun.
Speaking to Deb's excellent demo derby idea, a league I used to run in did this after every race much like we do the reverse lap at the end of ours. It was quite fun and usually we went until time expired in the session or all the cars could no longer move.


Unfortunately, I'll miss the race night on week 13 because I have to go to a wedding in Knoxville :( But one night we were messing around and there was this a hosted session on a small dirt oval and driving around people would try to take you out and you had to figure how to avoid them. It was a blast!!!!!!! Not sure how they set up the race. Drivers would come out of the low areas around the track and try to take you out. Once you got in a higher position, the lower position drivers would come after you. Somehow, I got 5th and Bedo got 3rd, it was absolutely hilarious, so fun :D:D:D


Great suggestion!!!! After I recovered from Team Fortress, I went out and did some PS and Races on the Irwindale Figure 8 in the GTE cars. What a blast!!!!!!! Laughing the whole time. You have to watch everywhere. There were some drivers there just to crash out other drivers, but it was really fun,
There is a fun series scheduled for week #13 tomorrow after the 488 GTE car and a new track is released. Look at the main iRacing page for details.


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