Conan Exiles playdates

I'm up for getting back in to it yeah.

I lost interest when we went up north and the skeleton warriors were all bugged and did no damage. Would be keen to get back into it for sure, even though we did a lot I get the feeling we only just scratched the surface?


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Servers still up actually, just probably needs to be updated which I'll take care of now.

I've a long weekend next week if you guys want to put some hours in.
Thanks for updating dude, I'll probably be regretting wishing the skellies did damage...

Yeah I'm up for playing next weekend with you, wap and whoever else can make it
Sorry mate I've been sick as a dog since Friday, it's got so bad I didn't even play rocket league yesterday...

Maybe next weekend if you are free?
Hey quicksiiiiiiiilverrrrrrrr, we were just talking about you a couple days ago, we were going to make plans to build some kind of rudimentary submersible and trawl the ocean looking for you lol be good to play with ya again mate!

Dookey I will be on after the champions league final so around 10pm original, unedited time. Wappy will be joining us tonight as well so hopefully we can get some good action going. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in over a week because of this damn flu but I'm feeling 100% this morning so what better way to celebrate than to get smashed playing Conan. Sorry liver but you gonna have some work to do later ^^ See you later on Band of Exiles!


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I don't know what 10 PM is my time P?

BTW, glad you're feeling better mate, this should be fun.

BTW x 2, I'm gonna be drunk and less than sexy as I have to use my Conan Exiles overlay to play today.


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Making my way there, could take a bit tho as i'm moving some games around. Thought i had 2 hours from now before the cl ended.

Anyway, have you guys managed to figure out the new skill stuff? I'm pretty sure it's changed as i can't carry nearly as much as i could before.

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