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F4 Master experience @ Brands Hatch

Discussion in 'Gaming General & Off Topic' started by little P, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. little P

    little P Super Mod

    Jul 2, 2012
    Well, the adrenaline is finally starting to subside after an amazing experience at Brands Hatch driving a BMW M4 and F4 single seater along with some hot laps as a passenger with a LeMans Aston Martin driver...

    I've only waited 30+ years to do this!

    Had the time of my life and was 2nd fastest to a pro 250cc kart driver who joined us for the F4's and was also half my size... not bad I guess considering I barely fit in the thing lol! The BMW M4 instructor was awesome too and let me go for it after the first time round, somehow I lapped everyone before the chequered flag including the 2nd fastest guy, got him when the rain came down towards the end. It was so interesting to feel how the grip levels changed when the rain started to come down and mix with all the rubber the touring cars had laid down less than 24 hours earlier... bit of a handful with 425 bhp and RWD under your right foot :eek: The F4 cars were insane and it was these we were timed in. And the hot laps with an Aston Martin LeMans driver in traffic with other pro drivers was just incredible.

    What a day... phew

    Anyone that loves motorsport, you owe it to yourself to get on the track however you can, there's nothing quite like it and I'm now officially hooked after this and my rallying day at Brands Hatch's 2 rally stages in a Rally spec GT86 earlier this year. I've already booked to go back for both next year!

    Few pics:

    SIR_2153_15.40 Pink.JPG
    SIR_2459_15.40 Pink.JPG

    Had time for a cheeky thumbs up to the photographer after I got the chequered flag and decided to go for victory lap instead of going in the pits with everyone else :p I regret nothing :D

    SIR_2522_15.40 Pink.JPG
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  2. Jerad

    Jerad Hardcore

    Jul 7, 2015
    Damn that looks like a good time!
    little P likes this.
  3. Noodleguitar

    Noodleguitar Moderator

    Mar 19, 2014
    Dayum, those are some good cars to play around with on the track. Too bad you weren't allowed to do the full course. Would be interesting to see how fast you can go down the hill (and subsequently, how fast you can get around that right sweeper :p ).

    What kind of shifters do those F4s have, sequential or H-shifting?
  4. little P

    little P Super Mod

    Jul 2, 2012
    It was awesome ID :) And Noodle, the F4's had sequential paddle shifters, the clutch was used only to pull away and come to a stop. Crashing down through the gears braking hard for druids was a great feeling every single time! One thing you can never be prepared for is how cramped it is inside a race car like that, even for the little guys. And flying along at 100mph with your butt scraping along the tarmac is something else.

    I can also confirm that paddock hill bend has an absolutely insane drop to it. You can;t tell just how much by watching it on TV or being there trackside. Not even VR can convey the elevation change and how your spine compresses as you hit the bottom part of the hill. When you are going down paddock at speed feeling the g forces it actually made my ears ring. I'm going back next year and will definitely try to go through that corner flat out. I couldn't do it on this occasion as it was raining pretty hard by the time the session ended and the F4 was getting very loose. Not a good combo for trying that with no traction control or abs and aero at work. Also being such a short lap there was quite a bit of traffic. We were only supposed to overtake on the left and on the straights and only if invited. I got invited several times, other times I made my own invitation...

    I would love to drive the GP circuit next time. Ironically they have a young drivers scheme with mini's where from the age of 11 they can drive them round the GP circuit... Oh to be a kid again
  5. Deb

    Deb Moderator

    Jun 5, 2016
    Wow, that looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet the F4 was an incredible experience and on Brands Hatch :D:D:D I agree, driving the tracks in real life is something that everyone should get the experience to do. And I end up liking the tracks that I have actually driven on so much more when I drive the in iRacing. I think the memory of what they are really like enhances the iRacing experience. I know what you mean about the rain, we had rain while I was on the GP Strecke at the Ring, so you have to drive the wet line. Hope to go back again next year and drive the whole thing and hopefully no rain.

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