iRacing B2O Blancpain Sprint League - S4 2017 Drivers List


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The following list contains Drivers who've confirmed participation in the Band of Others Blancpain Sprint Series League for Season 4 2017.

Drivers who've completed 4 races in Season 3 are automatically carried over.

For those new to the League, League information can be found here.

For those looking to improve their racing in a socially supportive and fun environment, please feel free to join us Monday and Wednesday nights at 8 PM EST in #PracticePals.

B2O League active Drivers List:
  1. Angelo Pulgar
  2. Anson Bennette
  3. Anthony Peeble
  4. Davey Riendeau
  5. Debra Bennett
  6. Denis Savretic
  7. Dino Topic
  8. Eddy Bussiere
  9. George Bates
  10. Grant Richard
  11. Hans Mohr
  12. Jef Vannijlen
  13. Jerad Sharp
  14. Jes Colman
  15. John Navara
  16. Ken Lindberg
  17. Les Peck
  18. Marc Gammack
  19. Matthew A Holmes
  20. Michael Belyea
  21. Mike King4
  22. Nejtun Cameron
  23. Noel Luneburg
  24. Patrick Morrow
  25. Patrick Jura
  26. Philip Wyatt
  27. Ray Huang
Given our Custom Grid requirements it's imperative the League Drivers List only contain active participants. For this reason should your name not appear on the list above you'll be pruned Sep 1, 2017, apologies.

Please respond to this topic if you're:
  • not on the Drivers List and wish to be added
  • on the Drivers List and wish to be removed
Season 3 2017 saw some of our largest fields to date so let's try and build on that success in Season 4.

Here's to finishing off the year with a bang!
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Socially supportive and fun environment? I've also heard this said of prison, but I'm not sure I would agree :)
We support your driving but make fun of you while we're doing it.

I don't feel the need to be specific as if I worded it like "highly sarcastic yet socially supportive and fun environment" I think it would sound a little less enticing.

Even worse would be "socially supportive and fun environment while we treat you like fucking dirt and drag you through the mud in Teamspeak".

This does not make for a strong marketing strategy :)
Gents, is there any room left? I'd like to come back if you let me :) Focusing on GT3 again this season and this should be a good benchmark to go from. Work schedule varies a lot, so may or may not race every week, but hoping I can switch companies and get a better deal on that side.

Been a long time since I've raced with some of you


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Peeble and Dino both added now, welcome guys.

If you both want a nickname and car# to appear during League Sessions please let me know.

Up to 26 Drivers confirmed now all, wow!
Fuck, now I have to see your dumb avatar on this forum too Dino? And I don't even have mod powers on this one to do anything about it like I do at UO.
Uff it will be fun,cant wait friday.I would like that races are little longer also,+10 min maybe? :)

Ken iRacing finally changed letter on my surname so you can move ? and put Savretic :)
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Name change done.

We probably won't be making the races any longer though.

The only session with room for adjustment is the Qualify Race as that's the shorter of the 2 but the Main will remain at 50 minutes. This gives people time to get a drink, hit the bathroom, practice Pit In, etc. and works well in its current form.

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