iRacing B2O Screenshot Thread

I can't run 2 Leagues Tony, I don't have near enough time available. As it is I may have to drop iRacing one day out of the week this October because it's monopolizing too much of my time.

We can promote it at iRacing stating Band of Others is populating this particular race session every Wednesday and invite people to join us in Teamspeak.

In fact I've been considering doing this at iRacing for the past few weeks as it stands.

I'd like to hear what the rest of you think though because this went from non-existence to what, 17 cars last night? It certainly looks like there's a need for it and it helps promote B2O.
Thanks for checking it though (honestly) because I didn't want to feel like I cheated... While pitting in it was impossible to tell if I made it or not.


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Hmmn I don't know, those background details look crisp as can be.

I remember this guy giving me grief for this kind of stuff but can't remember for the life of me who it was?

Any ideas?
Alright you need a photography lesson!

Depth of field is how much of the field is in focus. It is either shallow or deep (small or large) Shallow means only a small range is focused upon, the background and/or foreground is blurry. It could be that both the forground AND background are blurry.. either way, the DOF is very narrow, the rest is blurred:

A greater depth of field means most or all the image, despite being at different distances to the camera, are in focus.

Shallower DOFs make pictures much more interesting as the eye is more drawn to the focused part, making things pop quite a bit more.



You're welcome. Now continue with the deep/shallow jokes... :D


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I know what dof is Kyle, but thanks just the same lol.

I will say though the example you posted of deep looks unnatural somehow. It almost looks as if the rock was photoshopped in.


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Lol. It doesn't look unnatural but I definitely can see that the rock does look odd. Almost too sharp / jagged.
Maybe it's my work monitor because it's absolute crap but it looks like there is a distinct glow around the rock as if it was cropped out of another image and placed there.

On this monitor under my D50 florescent lighting it looks like it's been placed there.

I can't wait to see what it looks like when I get home.

You forgot to mention that focal length can also be a major contriubutting factor for the inherent depth of field of an image in your photo lesson.
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I really want to make a lewd comment here, but I also want the thread to become an interesting discussion on photography. I'm so conflicted.

All I'll say is if you could post some more examples Daunt that would be.... helpful.

p.s. the mushroom picture wasn't very helpful.

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