Italy Expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2

SCS has released a mysterious video on youtube, hinting at the next new thing for ETS2. All info shared by SCS is that their developers have been working on it for the past 6 months...

Here's the video, judge for yourself :)
I will make sure to post any new developments!

Yeah, a bit of the north of Italy is already in game. But a lot of people, even Europeans, underestimate how big Italy is. Driving from Denmark to the north border of Italy is a shorter trip then driving From north Italy to the southern coast of Italy itself. If they make the AI drive like Italians too, it could be quite an experience to drive there :D


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Wow those are some amazing screens.

Now that I've been back in ETS2 for a while I just can't imagine going back to ATS at all.

Of course ProMods has a lot to do with this but so does Truck manufacturer diversity (without Mods).
As long as updates and DLC may take, I must admit that every step SCS takes, the quality goes up another notch....

Here's some more screens of the upcoming Italy DLC:

Next to all the lovely vista's Italy will have to offer, you can also expect new cargoes, like for example scooters, and new industries in the upcoming DLC, ranging from steel plants to marble quarries. Check out the next screenshots for an impression of what to expect;

Just like in ATS, the upcoming 1.29 update for ETS2 will be a preparation for the upcoming map DLC. In the case of ETS2, this includes a rebuild of the already existing part of Northern Italy, as the next pictures will show:

More pictures, this time from Sicily:

BTW, ETS2 1.30 beta is available at steam, including the new generation Scania S and R trucks!

Other contents of the 1.30 beta version are:


  • Map improvements - city of Milano was completely remade, the whole northern part of Italy improved
We refreshed the old part of Italy which is already present in the base game to make it fit better with the quality of the upcoming Italia DLC. Consider it a sneak-peek into what it is going to be like.
  • Overhaul of navigation algorithms
New navigation code has been introduced in American Truck Simulator already and it is a huge change that required major programming effort and ended up being a large improvement over the old one. The navigation is now capable of sending the driver back along the same stretch of the road if need be, which may seem trivial, but it actually required a total redesign of the underlying data structures. We are looking forward to your feedback on this.
  • Time zones support
ETS2 now also supports time zones, which is going to be handy for further growth of the map. For now, this change will be affecting the UK only, since other ETS2 countries are in the same time zones.


  • ZF-16 transmission supporting upcoming DLC for all trucks that missed similar one
  • Map fitted to correct projection (more exact environment behavior), map panning option
  • Multi-torque engines support (used in DAF engines 2017)
  • Basic engine and transmission info in quick job truck tooltip
  • Trailers with country restrictions are towed only to services in given countries
  • Further polish to DAF, Volvo, and SCANIA trucks
  • Tons of map tweaks and fixes in the base map and older map DLCs
  • New luxury yacht cargo


  • New interactive tool for environmental lighting and weather setting (included in the editor)
  • New interactive tool for traffic behavior and rules debugging (included in the editor)
  • New scene preview tool (included in the editor)
  • New navigation parameters in map data
  • Assistance service parameters in economy data
  • Truck scale weight costs in economic data

I haven't tried the beta yet myself.... hope to let you know more sometime soon :)
Well, the Scania models are very positively received (they are in the open beta already). As for Italy, all I can say that every map DLC so far has been better then the previous one (even goes for New Mexico), so it should be sweet :)

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