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Thing sounds like a beast! Big ass car too. Very different from the Z4 days. GTE has become this interesting mix of fast, nimble, super cars vs. these saloon boats overcoming their brick shape with raw horsepower. It's fun to watch.
2015 Daytona 24 - 18 total cautions
2016 Daytona 24 - 21 total cautions
2017 Daytona 24 - 22 total cautions
2018 Daytona 24 - No Prototype Challenge class - 2 cautions in the first 10 hours.

Well, maybe its not that spread out. Top three of the GT classes are fairly close. Mechanical failures have played a part in the Prototype class spread.
Cue the Ford sandbagging conspiracy theories. Ford put a thumping on everyone in GTLM this weekend.

4 total cautions is pretty nuts for a 24 hours race. At a track as long as Le Mans it makes sense but not Daytona.

DPi's basically guaranteed they won't be at Le Mans this year by putting it to the field of LMP2's.
The schedule confuses me. It says the event starts at 05:45 on Sunday, and it's in New South-Wales which means they are on AEST (GMT + 11). So that would be 18:45 on Saturday, GMT. But if the countdown timer on that website is to be believed it starts at 19:55 GMT...
Wow, what a shake up with the BMW, Bentley, Porsche, and cup class Porsche coming out of Forest Elbow. The end could be even more interesting if some patience had been exercised there.
Porsche got robbed by that safety car!

Ah well, congrats to Audi. Still a Porsche on the podium, but if the race had stayed green I think Porsche was on for a podium lock out.
Good race to watch I thought.

There were a lot of wheels that developed a mind of their own. And quickly came upon the idea that they would have a lot more freedom if they were to be not connected to their cars any longer.

The front "explosion" from the #18 Bentley was quite impressive at that speed, that could have ended worse.

Then the Porsche that did something really silly even for iRacing standards, it divebombed the crap out of a Ginetta and was nowhere near holding his line in T2. At least he got a 5 minute penalty for it.

It was crazy how quickly the BMW was expanding their lead at the start. Too bad Mostert decided to pit maneuver half the field in Forrest's Elbow.

That massive car-to-car crash at the end was also quite spectacular, I wonder if having to sit and wait for someone to crash really fast into you has a psychological effect on you as a driver.

I also would have liked to see them stop the clock and finish the race to see what would happen in the battle of fuel saving, even if we would have had to wait half an hour for them to clear the track.
Noel, I thought I might have watched someone die when that accident happened that ended the race. Thank the lord above that both cars were left-hand drive and made impact on the passenger side of both. That was scary as hell. I usually don't jump, whince, and hold my hands over my mouth but I definitely did that time.
Yeah, that was a terrible wreck. The poor Merc came around that corner full throat, completely blind. I can only imagine the panic he felt when he saw an Audi sitting in the center of the track. That big Merc was never going to change directions fast enough to get around.

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