Scary 14 car Nordschleife pile up

This guy tried his hardest to warn others, even sacrificing his own car to do so... the footage is just crazy though. Fortunately everyone survived but several were severly injured and taken to hospital. It all came about from a Porsche dumping it's coolant in one of the worst possible places. This was also the final lap of the day too... anyway, just watch the footage, it's incredible no-one died.



OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!! That guy had great presence to get out the car and get behind the barrier and go warn other driver. Lucky the guy in the red shirt didn't get hit.
If it's busy during Touristenfahrten and the Marshall/yellow light is missing it doesn't take much to get over 10 cars involved in an incident, even though it's not the fastest part of the Nordschleife.

Nice of the guy to try and stop oncoming traffic immediately and calmly. They say not to park before an accident though, because that leaves even less room for incoming cars to dodge to, and if they hit your car they don't bounce off it as nicely as the armco barrier. The guy standing on the inside of the barrier is all kinds of special.

I also wonder; how much of the cars losing control under braking is panic braking and how much it's because of the coolant spillage.
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