Simexperience Black Friday


Hey all, Simexperience has a Black Friday sale of the Accuforce DD wheel for $999. Started today at 12:00 est. The promo code is SimXBlack.

Hey Nate, if I were to purchase an Accuforce wheel here and then ship it to you, would that avoid VAT? Shipping is probably fairly high, $50 to me and then probably maybe around $100 to you. But if that gets you the wheel you want at a decent price, might be worth it. In fact, I wonder if I ordered it and had it shipped to you, it would avoid VAT.
It would avoid VAT because it is a second hand product once you have bought it, not sure how customs would treat it , it is the VAT and the import duty combined that make things a bit tricky, sounds like a good plan though ;) I saw the deal earlier and I am quite tempted !!!
only thing making me hesitate is the Fanatec DD looming up close and the fact that accuforce don't have a UK agent (repairs and such) . I will definitely have to think about this though. thanks for the offer too :) makes it even more tempting now as I would have to pay even less!
we could also use much cheaper shipping than they do ;)

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