I've spent a couple of hours with a Merc setup that Noel gave me in different hosted sessions. So far, this seems to work okish for me. The car feels unstable going into turn one. I'm unable to consistently follow the line that most people seem to use into that corner. I altered my line a bit and split the breaking into two parts, which so far seems to work. It is still getting slightly unstable at the end of a stint, though, and I haven't dual stinted the tires yet. My lap times are currently between high 1:45 to low 1:46.

@Noodleguitar: You were asking about my top speed with wing at 0. Turned out my break pedal was reading inputs without any actual input again. I finally realized that when my top speed was suddenly down to 266kph. I've changed the calibration now, which should work around the issue. After that, I was hitting 275kph without draft with wing 0.

I've also tried wing at -3, which didn't really changed my lap times, but made the car unstable for me through almost every corner. I don't think this will work for me.
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I'll be on tonight practicing in the 488 GTE. We can setup a hosted session if enough of us want to practice Daytona.

I personally have no desire to drive the Ford unless we just don't have the numbers to field a 488 team. I did it at Petite LeMans and it was white knuckle the entire time. That car is too tail happy for my tastes.
@Brainling yea the Ford was sketchy I felt. Wasn't bad driving until you tried to push the lap times down then it was tail happy as you said. I think I spun it like four times that race. It sucks because I wan't to love that car sooo bad but it just doesn't agree with me. Maybe the Ford and I will have some angry make-up sex sometime in the future but not the near future.
Putting up a session beginning at 01:00 GMT (8 EST) for 4 hours , so anyone doing spa Ppals will still have time if they want to do both :D
I made around 3,5 stints with the setup Deb shared today. I like it. It gets a bit lively on the rear after around 2/3 through the stint, but it seems predictable to me. It seems to be more stable into turn 1. My times are still high 45s to low 46s, although more consistent. I also did a full double stint with the tires. The second stint ended with times in the 46s range, probably around half a second slower per lap.

I've attached the fuel data from my last double stint.



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Had a really great night tonight in #PracticePals at Daytona! Big thanks to everyone who showed up, and to @Nejtun for the host!

Just a heads up;
After this weekend, we'll be down to just two weeks until the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona, and I'd really like to get things as close to penned in as possible by Monday, January 8th, so that I can spend next week on the schedule!

Right now, looking at the teams, it is kind of a lot of wibbly-wobbly goop, but that is how it works out sometimes. I know it is frustrating, and believe me, we want to see everyone in a car that they are happy with, so we NEED to know who is in and who is out by the end of the weekend!

What I really NEED is the following;

For the drivers listed above, please check the SCHEDULE! Find your name, and place X's in the column for times that you are available to race on the "Availability" tab!

IF everyone on the schedule does confirm, I would pull Dino off of the DP team; Dino would become part of 2 Ford GT GTE teams; Peeble would complete the Ferrari 488 GTE team; and Kelly would be added to the Merc AMG GT3 team with Deb, Bedo and Reid.

If anyone else here at the forums would like to join, or you know of someone who is interested, please get them into this thread ASAP! We could definitely use 1-2 more drivers (even if everyone on this list does confirm!) and if we get more, we can easily add more teams! Again, wibbly-wobbly goop, but this is why I need all of this information as soon as possible, and we won't be able to wait 'til the last minute!

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Great session tonight by everyone! Got some good traffic/pack practice in. Thanks again for the host @Nejtun !!

I'm going to try and run 3 double stints tomorrow with an hour break in between each one and see how I feel. Thinking I might want to change my stint amount from 5-6 to 6-7 stints for the event.

I will also be doing some further set-up testing tomorrow. I'm going to try out some coast, drive, preload, and clutch plate combinations for the differential and see if I can get an in-between setting that will alleviate the dragging weight feeling that was reported. Possibly even try a little arb front and rear fiddling also but we'll see. I will be doing this 'IN CASE' the setup we finished with tonight is considered "off" or "improvable". I will make my findings available here for you DP drivers to test and report on.

I want to do this as early as possible so we can find a possible "better" set-up and give ample time for everyone to be comfortable with it. I'm aware of the pitfall of "chasing your tail" with set-up changes and will stop fiddling and settle on a set-up before we get too close to the event.

Don't be afraid to make me aware of any questions or concerns that you have. I have a open mind and will never believe that I know it all by any means. I like to say that "If you think you can't learn something new then your not living in reality". Thanks everyone and I look forward to your feedback.
I have my times filled in on the schedule. I will be away Friday the 19th until roughly 8:00pm CST or so at my son's away basketball game. I will be available for practice on Monday and Wednesday nights during the normal #practicepals schedule. I will also be getting into any Hosted events that I have time for as my new to me AccuForce v1 will be here tomorrow.

I didn't get in on the Hosted event last night as it was full. Does anyone have a setup that you guys have been using? Is it on the TS server?

what an amazing practice last night :p
even though i felt dead inside when i woke up it was 100% worth it. i took my driving lesson with only 2 hours of sleep and i only killed 2 cyclists and 5 pedestrians. not too bad huh?

as for my availability i edited the spreadsheet but i kinda fucked up my column (that is honestly to be expected from someone whos first language isn't english) so could someone please take a look at it? :)

i look forward to initiating braking points together with you guys again asap
how about you show up in practice pals road to daytona 24h @SavreticD :p
i had some stuff going and i didn't own motegi. now i'm mainly going to focus on the daytona prep. so maybe i'll be there friday but i'll drive DP, not gt3 :)

@Skid_Marc_ some say that if you really believe, you just might someday hear Sam say a coherent sentence. it's a very rare occurence so you have to be patient.
I was being salty last night mostly as a joke, but seriously if only three people want to drive the 488, lets can it and move people around to other cars. 3 people on a 24 hour team is just not that fun. In my opinion anyway. I'll still drive it on a 3 man team if that's what we want, I just think having more than 3 for a 24 hour team is more fun.
I also liked the Mercedes setup from Deb/Denis. Wing and rake are low, which is good for Daytona and it feels stable. I was running it at high friction, will have to try medium friction as well. Is there anyone who is really adamant about low friction? Medium friction could be a nice middle ground.

I also did a full stint with -3 wing on our setup from last year (on which we ran wing 0) and it's somewhat drivable and fairly fast but not very safe I think for and Endurance event. When late braking into one of the Horse Shoes, I ended up playing curling without the brooms. It probably didn't help that I was sliding all over but here is the tire info at the end:

VRS is telling me I'm using 3.61 L a lap on average, with occasional draft.

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