Noel I will give you my setup what I run in IMSA and V-TECH race,felt so great,won both races and in 2.4h V-TECH race I didnt change tires at all and I could go 3h without problems.Dont know what or if Deb changed something,maybe you did run same setup,we will see in practice

Setup is from this race,felt really good,I could go early on throttle without problems,at least with my driving stile set was stable,wing is -3 but I agree,If somebody cant handle -3 higher is ok for me,np.
Story of this race is so funny,I didnt check how much fuel I can put in the car(it was 120l) and I started with 75L and whole first part of the race I thought I needed to save fuel haha,what a idiot.
So interesting part of the race is last 20 min when I needed to catch 5 seconds to the end of the race,notice with old tires how car was stable,I was really happy,and its fast car :)

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Tried to upload to the file browser but don't have permissions.

Made a change to the 1.1 Ford set up and changed the brake friction from medium to low which helped my locking up issues. Lapping in the 1:42's, 1:43's at the moment on full fuel.
I've made a 1.2 as well, but haven't uploaded it yet. Changes from 1.1 are 1 click softer front arb for turn in and BB to 51.4. I've experimented wing 0 and 1. Setup as is work better with 1 because with 0, at high speed there is too much front DF leading to slightly edgy T1 and bus stop, while it shifts too far back in slow corners. Wing 1 evens it all out with no noticable change in oval speed and equal overall pace.

Will practice C7 tonight.


Denis, the only thing I changed from in the setup you sent me was bringing the wing to -1 instead of -3. Bedo made some modifications to the set but I saved those under a different name. Your set is very driveable :) I have not tried medium friction, but I think it would be fine.

I agree with Brainling, 3 persons on a 24 HR team is really hard. I think the absolute minimum for many of us is 4 and I think 6 is about the most, makes it more fun and everyone gets to a drive a decent amount.

If I talk to Bedo tonight, I will ask him about the schedule.

I did end up canceling my trip to NYC, but now I am racing Winter VLN on Saturday, so still not sure about Friday night league race. I'll see how much practice I can get in tonight.
Ok Deb,tnx!
Im driving with medium and persons for race 4 is ok for me,like Spa,that was good.6 is to much maybe,dont know,how you say I will do it

Also you will be practicing Daytona in Friday or we have normal race at Spa? I would like normal race,I mean we have more than 15 days to the race and week before is Daytona whole week,my head will hurt from Daytona I think :)
Exactly Deb. It's not just about drive time either, the comrodory of having more people around to talk to and chat with is great. Again, I was playing up the salt last night for comedy, but if my choices are: Drive the car I really want to drive on a team of 3, or drive a car I'm less excited about but the team is 4-6, I'll take the larger team. I endurance race to hang out with you folks, not to drive a specific car :)
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@Nejtun I'm turning some laps in C7 and car feels pretty good, however, I've added 2 clicks of Drive ramp on diff as it was way too loose on power. Now, I can mash the pedal without an issue, but...in the turn leading onto oval, I am getting some terrible pogo effect which causes loss of grip and spin, or I just have to go slower.
Seeing HS dampers were max compression and low rebound value, I've tried evening it out a little to control the motion (absorb some compression, but not let it shoot back down), however, car still behaves the same. Rear seems on, but front is just bad. Any ideas?
I am going to drop out. My wife was hesitant in the first place and this just puts icing on the cake. Plus getting used to the new wheel might take some time as well.

I will plan to be on TS to spot for a group if necessary. The only thing I won't do is the overnight with Ken as he is a little giddy when he's tired. I cannot remember how many stupid things we laughed at last year in the wee hours of the morning during LeMans.

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@Slider rather than change anything to do with the diff if I was having rear grip issues then I would tend to soften the back with a bit softer in car ARB adjustment, that way if the car already feels ok for someone in the team it gives us a bit more flexibility without making major changes. I think to get anything more out of it is going to take someone with more experience than me and my wild clicking :)

as an aside I wasn't having any trouble putting the power down, except for the last couple of laps of each stint even though the tyres were only down to 90% at worst.
What times were you running? I've softened the rear ARB all the way in car, but then it started pushing on entry and still would spin up the rear on exit.
I'll upload the setup when I get home and guys practicing the DP should try it. That'll be the only change. Diff drive ramp +2 clicks (65 -> 75 in metric units).

The bouncing issue still stands and I'm having trouble solving that. I've done it before but can't remember for the life of me. Will try digging through old setups to see if anything comes back to me.
@Slider We're on the same page then as that was the last adjustment (Diff drive ramp 65-->75) that I made to the last setup we used on Wed. night. Everyone wanted to run it in a clear head state to confirm it was a good change. We didn't post the change yet. Felt more stable and more like an endurance set.
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Great then. If only diff was changed to that value, everything else works for me to drive it in the race. Available in-car adjustments are sufficient for any fine tuning. I will work on HS dampers this weekend to see if I can tune out the bounciness, but I might just have to take a slightly wider line in that corner. It doesn't appear to be a bump there, but a drop, right as I turn into it.
wait FUUUUUUUUUUUCK i thought it was next weekend but that's the roar BEFORE the 24. only reason i could make it next weekend is because my gf was going out of town.

i don't think i can make the daytona 24 hr :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
@Nejtun @Duke @Jes_971
i have some bad news...

i'm going to start working soon and they scheduled my first workweek in the week before the 24h. as much as i hate to say it (and disagree with it) real life goes before iRacing :/

so i will have to work from monday to thursday and maybe friday. that itself shouldn't be a problem, but i don't know how my knee will take this. so i will keep on practicing and preparing for the 24h but there is a chance i have to pull out last minute.

does the dp team have a 5th backup driver?

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