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The Vive Pro: Resolution is coming

Discussion in 'Virtual Reality' started by Brainling, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Brainling

    Brainling Core

    Jan 19, 2017
    The Vive Pro got announced today at CES:

    78% more resolution than the current Vive. The Vive Go also has better screens than the original. There are a lot of rumors that Oculus next enthusiast level headset (the CV2) will be announced soon. We assume it will also take a big resolution jump.

    As someone who already iRaces entirely in VR, this is only good news for me. Of course, more resolution = more GPU power so these will need to coincide with Nvidia's Volta architecture that should release in a couple of months. Using the Titan V as a baseline people are assuming the "1180" (whatever the high end Volta card is called) will be 30-40% faster than a 1080 Ti at release. Still doesn't make up the resolution gap of the new headsets, but it's getting there.

    This is going to be a great year for VR, especially for those of us already bought in for things like iRacing and Elite: Dangerous.
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  2. little P

    little P Super Mod

    Jul 2, 2012
    Interesting news indeed, I was following CES after the clever "New years resolution" tease by HTC only days before CES.


    No word on price yet though... I have read they will be offering it first to current Vive owners as an upgrade (HMD only, use your current basestations and controllers) in Q1 and then later in the summer as a standalone purchase, presumably with the new basestations (able to hook up four instead of two and utilize a 10m x 10m playspace - neither of which interest me) and potentially the highly anticipated "knuckles" controllers.

    I already bought the DAS (Deluxe audio strap) and from what I read the new strap and speakers are only a marginal improvement so really the only thing in it for me would be an improvement in resolution.

    So, in my case (and many of my friends who are in the same boat - DAS upgraded and not able to use a 10mx10m space) it really comes down to the price. They need to be very careful here as the upgrade path for existing vive owners in Q1 does not really allow you to easily sell your existing HMD. What use is a HMD on it's own? None. You need the box, the basestations and controllers so not many people are going to want to buy a HMD on it's own unless they want a spare. And that's an expensive spare... To buy the basestations, box, and controllers is more expensive than just buying a new vive kit so nobody in their right mind is going to do that.

    This renders your current HMD effectively useless if you buy the Vive Pro as an upgrade (only the HMD) in Q1 for anything other than an inferior spare in case the Vive Pro breaks at some point.

    So, the pricing for me is key. Lets see what they come up with...
  3. Nejtun

    Nejtun Moderator

    May 19, 2016
    I will be getting this the second it goes on sale, there were zero thoughts in my head of resale value of part or all of my current vive when I bought it, and I have had it for so long now it is out of warranty, an upgrade is an upgrade. " but what will I do with my old one???" put it on a shelf next to my G27 and my really old thrustmaster wheel and remember how much enjoyment it gave me to be one of the first to take the plunge into VR without knowing if it was going to be any good!

    This new one can only be better and I personally think ( I could be wrong ) that it will be less demanding on hardware as there should be no need to push things like supersampling with the higher resolution to get at least the same quality as we have at the moment so this should help with lower end 10 series cards that may be struggling right now.

    As for people with higher end cards, it will be nice to see just how far this can be pushed to be even more awesome. can't wait but I of course still want it to be as cheap as possible :p
  4. little P

    little P Super Mod

    Jul 2, 2012
    Yeah that's a fair point Netjun I suppose we have had nearly two years out of it. I must admit I am excited by the increase in resolution, it was never really a problem for bespoke VR games but for motorsport sims or flight sims or anything that wasn't built specifically for VR it was an issue. Supersampling somewhat mitigated it but you needed a monster card like yours to even attempt it and even then it was less than ideal.

    I agree also with seeing what results can be achieved with supersampling this new base resolution is going to be great. With the 11 series Volta cards coming up we should be able to really push what this Vive Pro is capable of. I read that the screen door effect is almost eliminated completely with the new Vive Pro and is akin to sitting in front of a 1080p monitor, so supersampling that image would be quite something...
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