Type Ten Defender !

OK so the type 10 is available to buy , it is made by Lakon and is basically a type 9 with lots and lots of weapon slots and utility and bigger engine space and real jump range !! was tricky squeezing 9 weapons on it lol , but my cutter pilot was kind enough to lend me some parts ;)
and his Fighter bay.
and shields :D

125 million for the ship so around 1 billion to kit it out properly if you dont have any other bits to scavange/in stock,
gun placement is key and power/heat management is a bit tricky , but I can run 7 lasers and 2 multi cannons without much issue , add in the NPC fighter pilot and you are pretty unstopppable , easily comparable to the Corvette for guns and maneuverability and the cutter for hul strength and utility
Wow... what a ship! I'll be getting back into Elite next year so it'll ggive me something to shoot for. Definitely sounds like an upgrade from the Anaconda?
Anaconda is a beast no doubt , but yes , this out guns and out survives it. does not out handle it. BUT , type 9 with spoilers ??? no question out cools the Anaconda all day :D still think the Federal Corvette is the shit when it comes to best combat ship in the game though and if you are a cargo hauling bitch then the cutter is second to none

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