2018 24 Hour Nurburgring


Guys, I was looking at the schedule trying to figure out the times for the Le Mans Endurance Series Races and realized the next big endurance race is 24 HR Nurburgring on May 5 - 6 starting at 13:00 GMT; 9:00 AM EST.

The part that kind of sucks is the schedule says the only cars are the Audi, Porsche Cup, Kia and Global Mazda. If they didn't want to add the AMG, they could have at least added the Ferrari, not sure why they limit the GT3 class so much. Oh, well. I may test the Audi on the Ring just for grins although probably not as much fun as the Porsche.


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Since iRacing is BoPing the IMSA Series GT3 cars (Audi, Ferrari, and Mercedes) I would imagine that the changes will carry over to any racing using the "IMSA group", but we'll have to wait and see, I guess. iRacing might be trying this out on a temporary basis for now, especially since this isn't a change in HP/Torque/Aerodynamics, but they may roll it out as a weekly patch if they deem it successful.

I am on the fence about handling BoP this way, as it is a bit confusing, but it does allow iRacing to utilize the weight-based BOP adjustments on the fly, which is a fairly underused feature to this point..

Hey, at least iRacing is trying something new to stay on top of the BoP...
What annoys me is that iRacing has access to enough data to do BoP 100% automatically, and per track. They have enough data points, and enough points of analysis to make really strong statistical conclusions about every car, at every skill level, at every track. They are never going to find a BoP that is equal until they start per track BoPing, and without heavy statistical analysis it's hard to avoid the "BMW effect" where they keep BoP'ing a car in to oblivion simply because the fast guys are fast in it.
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