2022 Spa 24h


Date: July 22-24 - Timeslots:
  • Friday 22:00 GMT
  • Saturday 7:00 GMT
  • Saturday 12:00 GMT
  • Saturday 16:00 GMT
(Registration opens 1 hour prior to the event)

  • Warmup: 30 Minutes
  • Qualifying: 15 Minutes / 4 Laps
Cars: GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 R!
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After being plagued with sporadic computer stability issues at the start of the year, I'm now pretty confident that I've been able to sort them out and I'd like to get back into endurance racing.

So, Nejtun and I are searching for more drivers for Spa, which is in three weeks. Car will be the Porsche 911 GT3 R. A setup is attached.

Praise and/or blame for the car choice goes to Nejtun. Same for the setup. I'll drive whatever at the moment.

Anyone interested in the race?


I think I was in the 2:21s in iRacing default weather with the setup. This is probably on the slow side, as is usual for me :)

No idea what lap times @Nejtun is doing.
I am around the 2:21 Mark as well, there are probably a couple of seconds to find but that is enough for a safe clean race.
Porsche GT3 confirmed thanks @Kenadian but for the names at the moment it is just Me and Hans confirmed for sure, Possibly Anson?
Not sure for Marc as I think he is working that weekend?
Will you join us for this one Ken? We have spaces for all!
while I am here, still waiting for replies from @Brainling and @Anson Bennette and anyone else who might normally join in the fun (I am having a little trouble tagging people by their forum names)
but Kelley? Jes? Let us know asap :) !
Thanks for the reply. Nejt had to drop out as well today, so we would be only two drivers left at this point. So no team for this year.

Thanks to anyone who replied to this, be it here or in other places.


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