24 Hour of LeMans Coordination

Guys and gals, I kinda need an early decision on the LeMans Endurance event. I need seat time and possible car purchase to participate and the earlier the better for me in particular. That plus some willing victims, err I mean teammates.
I'm going to do my best to find an LMP1 drive. If we don't field an LMP1 car here, I'll probably search around for a team that needs a driver. I don't normally have super strong feelings about what car I drive but for this race I do.
To be clear, because i've gotten a couple pokes about this, I'm not mad or upset! If I drive with another team for Le Mans it's purely because I really, really want to drive the LMP1 cars, and every conversation I've had with folks around here, no one else really does. Which is totally fine. After Nurburgring I would never want to force a car on people they didn't want to drive, or weren't prepared to drive.


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Just to confirm, I won't be running LeMans this year.

Actually, looking at the iRacing Schedule I may not be able to run any more Endurance this year.

24hr of Spa is around the time of my Companies internal audit delayed this year due to Covid. This is a horribly busy time for me so I won't have near the time to practice.

Petit LeMans occurs during the Vacation I've booked to stream Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk and only Cyberpunk so that's a wash for sure unless the game gets delayed once again.

I'll duplicate this post in my hiatus thread just so everyone is on the same page.


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