24 Hours of Daytona 2021


Hey guys, I was trying to get some idea of whether there is interest in running this race. Seems endurance racing interest has kind of fallen off so I wasn't sure if we would be able to field a team for Daytona. I know it's a little early, but I was trying to make some travel plans for January and wanted to figure out if I should work around the race or not worry about it. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts about what they might want to do.
Was thinking of starting to do some practice for this, but realized we haven't even started talking about cars yet.

My preference (surprising no one) is the P2, but I'll drive basically any of the GTE's as well if that's where the winds head.
Could every one mention which car they want so wee can see some numbers , I am up for the LMP2:
For now I am using the iracing daytona setup just for track time, 6th gear feels like it might gear out , but any longer on the ratio and the car will not make it's top end unless you are in draft.
VRS will have a set next week and so far (last season ) they have been pretty good and balanced.
Suggest using the baseline setup ( there are a few in the iracing setup folder ) for the GTE until something is posted unless of course someone has one already.
@Kenadian here is the set I have been using in the BMW. Play with bias if you find it a little scary under braking in turn one. I like 50.0.

I am open to driving whatever, If we are putting 2 cars in I can jump top whatever team needs me.



I was thinking the LMP2 or the M8, seems for GTEs, there was interest in the M8, but any of the GTEs is fine with me.
Just ran a FFS in the LMP2. Feels pretty good on the iracing Daytona setup. I find it feels a little choppy coming out of the infield and through the bus stop. I don't know if that's something we can fix?
My preferred is the LMP2.

I did an FFS on the default Daytona road setup, with one click of extra high speed rebound for bouncyness, and it felt fine. Quick and stable.
Just ran a ffs with one click extra high rebound and I also added one click to low sleep rebound and it made coming out of the infield a little less choppy.

I am leaning towards lmp2 for this race.
I am able to drive again and would like to get some practice in.
Personally I don't have the energy to "short team" any 24 hour races this year so if we have 7 or 8 then I suggest one team (anyone else have other ideas then please say)
So far confirmed Driver-Car preference we have
Nejtun - GTE
@Kenadian GTE
@Deb GTE
@Skid_Marc_ ?????
@Kelley G LMP
@Brainling LMP
@ShadniX GTE
@Ogami Itto GTE
@Anson Bennette ?????

This is what I know so far and will update when anyone confirms or adds their name to the list,
9 people is barely enough for 2 teams but doable! some confirmations on cars and definite drivers would be very helpful as soon as possible so we can start practicing in the right car!
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