Anno 1800

I've never played the others so I'm quite unfamiliar with the series but holy smokies does this city builder look badass. Here's a short video on the beta. Anyone else interested?

I never got into any of the Anno games really. I tried one and it was alright. It seemed to be trying to do a lot of genres all at once and not doing any one particular genre well.

This does look good though and since it is in one of my favorite eras, I will give this a shot. Thanks!
Free open beta this weekend. Game not going to be available on Steam after April 16, beta needs to be downloaded from Epic Gamestore or UPlay… so I made an account at Uplay. Downloading now, 18.22 GB... the game is $80.00 Cdn to buy which is ridiculously expensive so I really wanted to give this open beta a try in case I like it/don't like it/part with 80 bones.

Anyhoo, heads up to you all!
Is MP available and works in the beta? Not sure.

Apparently Epic store doesn't have the beta, only UPlay. Sounds greasy to me... I wonder how many people downloaded & installed Epic Store just to get a no-go.
Lots of people having problems downloading from Epic is what I've read... it actually seems it was never available there, at least for now and until release.

I just finished playing for about 10 hours, I couldn't save and exit to desktop. Very addicting once I got over the initial "WTF am I doing" learning curve. This isn't just a fantastic city builder, there's a lot more to it than that with the other nations, the diplomacy and exploration... quite an in depth game and of course I'm still learning. I think the replay value will be top notch and there's even multiplayer for icing on the cake. I'll be picking up a Steam card later today to preorder through Steam so I don't need to use Epic's Store. I loathe paying 80 Canadian bones for a game... but this is worth it IMO.

Can't wait for release :)


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I've been hovering on the purchase button for a few days now but just can't seem to pull the trigger.

The two biggest drawbacks of this game for me is it's all square grid and no day/night transitions.

Aside from that it looks frikkin' awesome!


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I had the exact same, but after playing the beta i realized it ain't as disturbing as i thought it would be.

If you do get it, try getting it through humble store. It's 10 dollars lower than on Uplay.

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