Any interest in Petite LeMans?

I know we're kind of in a lull right now with Duke taking a break, but what's the interest level in Petite LeMans? Figured I'd put feelers out here before I went looking for another seat.
Any of the GTE's would be my first choice. I'm most familiar with the Ferrari and Porsche, but I can get up to speed with any of them.


I think the Ferrari would be a good choice, I think everyone has that car, but we can try them out, I have both.
Sorry, busy week at work, just checking back in.

Ferrari seems reasonable to me. Of course I'm willing to team with you Ogami, I wouldn't have posted if I wasn't ;)


Just FYI, I am out of town again this week, helping my Dad close on his house (fingers crossed) and driving with him to Texas. I should be able to start practicing after that, but likely won't be home until Sunday. If any of you start practicing in the Ferrari (sure hope its better than the F1 Ferraris :rolleyes:), if you find a set up you like, post it and I'll give it a try as soon as I can.
I'll start practicing/working on a setup this week. Unfortunately old setups will be invalid come Tuesday, as all the GTE's are having their aero we'll have to cobble something together.
Ferrari feels like a very different car. I suggest people get in an drive it a bit. Much more grippy, but the default setups feel a bit bouncy. I think the default high down force (not maximum down force) is a good place to start tweaking from.


@Brainling, I tried the baseline setup last night, the gearing seemed a little long. Wing was at 5, which seemed fine. Brakes are very sensitive, easy to lock up. I was 2 seconds off my best time in the old car, so still working on it. when you say default high down force, what exactly are you referring to?
The smoke and weather here have been so bad, I haven't really been able to practice much, so I'm a little slow on the uptake. It's supposed to clear soon, so I think this coming Monday I'll probably start in to our normal practice schedule for an event.

@Deb If you open the setup screen, and go to iRacing Setups, there should now be baselines for different down force levels. Low, medium, high and maximum. I was suggesting we start from high and work from that...but try high and maximum and see which feels best to you as a starting place. Medium and low will be far too low for Road Atlanta I think.


Okay, yep, I started using the high setup and it seems pretty good in the conditions I have been practicing in. I am still slower though, best times right now are in the 1:18s, but I'm working on it. I can practice next week at our regular times. We were talking to Davey last night and he may join us, so we may have four, but that will be okay. Would be great to have him join us.
I've got the beginnings of a setup going I'll post later tonight. Down in to the 1:17's in "generated" weather in the afternoon at Atlanta (so what the race should be). It's basically high downforce with all four corners softened up for curb compliance and the rear raised to give the car more rake for more front grip. Going to run a few more laps and than I'll post it. Not final, but I think it's a good starting place.

I tried maximum as well, and it's definitely planted, but you just bleed time on the straight and the overall lap time is slower.
Here's the first WIP setup. Feels pretty good so far. So far I've been focusing on stability but I have some possible adjustments to make if we want more turn in. If you make any adjustments, keep an eye on the aero calculator. We want the front aero to stay >43% so we have good forward bite.


I won't be at PPals tonight, something else came up I need to attend to. I'm still practicing the version of the setup we ended on Monday, so the WIP3 with 7 wing.

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