Anyone else excited for KSP2?

You'd think I'd learn from buying Borderlands 3 pre-release, but I am totally hyped for the Kerbal Space Program 2 in Spring 2020.

This news actually got me re-installing my mods and revisiting my KSP archived save.

Watch the Scott Manley videos on it, but the best news IMHO is multi-player support from the ground up. Think of it, we could have a BOSA, or BOOSA or whatever...building stations, colonies and communications networks...anything people can think of! It would be interesting to see what people build to accomplish a sub-contract. I just hope Private Division doesn't screw this up.


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I actually bought the first one on sale and never actually played it.

bl00dy Steam Sales :mad:

I'm curious how they managed to build all that tech when all the video shows in clumsiness and incompetence :D
I suggest that you give it a go on a Single-player Saturday then. Really, if you have the mindset for STEM, it is outstanding. I'm sure that ElectroVodka, Nate or I could talk you through the beginning learning curve. But one of the reasons they showed a rocket failing was that explosions teach you lessons. To quote a Steam review; "Many Kerbals died this day, 10/10 would play again!"

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