Anyone familiar with FlightGear?

Not your guys cup of tea usually, but I thought with so many sim pilots one of you might have tried a professional environment simulator.
Currently trying to use this to get my instrument flying procedures back to snuff, love to have another's experience with it reflected here.
Hahaha! Most likely. I downloaded it yesterday to have a look at it though, so thanks Ogami for bringing it to my attention :)
If I'm lucky I will have it installed before summer :(
If I'm lucky I will have it installed before summer :(
Ah now you're getting to my issue/situation! Would love to have it dynamically downloading scenery for my locality so I could work regional approaches for familiarity and I think there's a way to do so, but right now I'm doing so much other job hunting related endeavors that I have precious little time to muck around with that kind of install screwing around that an open source platform requires.

I do like the fact that it has such options in the first place.


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