Anyone playing Frozen Synapse?

Daunt suggested I write a review but that's too much effort. Frozen Synapse is a brilliant little tactical combat strategy game played at the unit level. There are typically 3 or 4 units per side in a battle and the way the game works is you give orders to each of your units and then once both players have committed their orders, the orders are played out by the game engine and the outcome is shown to the players. The players then issue orders for the next turn and so forth until one side is defeated. A single turn lasts only about 5 seconds or so, with a full mission typically playing out in well under a minute.

The game cleverly uses a server-side setup so that games can be played over a period of time (think chess). You can set your preferences so that you can enter your turn orders and then close the game and once your opponent has put in his turn, you will receive an email to let you know that the next turn is ready for orders. In this way, a game can be played by taking turns at whatever times are convenient for each of you, and the game could take hours or days to complete, but at any time you can log in and replay the whole mission, etc. It also allows you to export a completed mission directly to youtube.

AVOID "Frozen Synapse PRIME". It's garbage. Frozen Synapse has a somewhat high price tag on it but is a really great game. I highly recommend wishlisting it at least until a sale.

If anyone wants to play with me, just add me in the FS interface, my username is 'jrebs'.
Nah. If I'm interested in a game at all, I tend to go into it blindly so I can discover it on my own, as that's a lot of the fun of a game (and games don't last very long for me at the best of times).

I could stream it on my non-rufrider twitch channel with some voice commentary about the game and then link a vod or export to YT though. Maybe tonight.

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