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So, we had so much fun with Conan a while back ago, Ogami and I started exploring other RPG options. We tried Elden Ring, but the multiplayer mechanic in that game is terrible, it is really a single player game, so we dropped it quickly. We decided to give Ark a try and I have to say, we are having a lot of fun with it. In some ways, it is similar to Conan, without the bugs. Y, you start out on a beach or somewhere with nothing after being dropped there by who knows. There are tons of predators and some nonpredator dinosaurs. But the game doesn't stop in the primitive era, it takes you up through technology, although we haven't advanced that far yet. It is a great exploration game with lots of means of travel. You have to build, gather resources, but most important in this game is dealing with the dinosaurs. Most of the dinosaurs have various abilities, such as gathering resources, hunting, flying, etc. You can tame most of the dinosaurs, although this is an art in itself, and it seems the focus of the game is to gather a team of dinosaurs that can help you defeat bosses. You can also breed dinosaurs to get certain resources. There is also an alien element to it, where you get supply drops of various levels at various times that you have to find and enter, but there could be dangers at the supply drops. The map is huge and there are many bioms, including a vast ocean biom, which we haven't explored yet. Portions of the crafting, armor and building are not as sophisticated as Conan but in some other ways more sophisticated. I haven't purchased any DLC yet, so can't speak to the options that could give you. It doesn't seem to have a lot of the bugs that Conan has.

We tried an official PVE server but the lag was terrible. So we moved to an unofficial PVE server and are having really good luck with it. It is called Onyx - Ragnorok. If any of you wants to join us, we have a base at the first Bay spawn in point. So when you create a character, chose the first Bay that comes up, I think its Viking Bay, the first option. Or just jump on Discord when we're there and we can help you.

Another big advantage is the game has been around a while so there is a Wiki and tons and tons of videos available to help you because the game provides very little instruction itself.


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