Assetto Corsa Competizione

Hey Guys, Just bought this title and I am quietly impressed! The physics are pretty damn good as simulators go (at least as much as I am used to!). As the early access is pretty limited I will just give a few pros and cons.

  • Fantastic graphics. This title looks as good as the promo videos on steam in actual game-play ( I am playing this on a 4k monitor with all the graphics maxed out so your mileage may vary!
  • Super smooth, the unreal 4 engine seems to be great for Assetto Corsa, no complaints!
  • Full real-time (or sped up if you choose) day to night transition with excellent lighting, no stupid "michael bay" lens flare effects , just accurate lighting. Your vision is even compromised as the sun sets and you have to drive into it!
  • Really nice Audio, Very immersive
As yet I haven't found any flaws, there are features missing at the moment because it is early access such as tool-tips and descriptions for some of the set up options, but these have obvious placeholders so expecting things along the line.

There is a road-map which you can check out here to see when all the features are going to be enabled,
but briefly from now until March 2019 you can expect all the GT3 Cars to be included as only the Lambo is included at launch, VR support, Multiplayer and all the circuits from the Blancpain series.

As Mentioned you start with the Lamborghini Hurrican(sp) and Nurburgring GP circuit, free practice, hot lap sessions and 20 minute AI races. All weather and times of day are available and Nurb seems to be the same laser scanned version.

At the moment it is £22.99 /25 Euros dunno for dollars but in two months it will be 35 euro and in December it will be 45 Euros so grab it early!
All the content released between now and summer 2019 is included.

Can't wait for the VR patch as I am having a bit of trouble with depth perception on a single screen :D but just to check it was that fact and not the game I tried iRacing on a single screen and lasted about half a lap :D

please note I did not try this yet on triples, Nvidia surround should manage to get the screen size right but I am not sure the game is optimised for it yet. I know that track IR isn't quite there yet either but would expect any head tracking to be fully functional on VR patch day (October 10th)

It is worth a try for anyone who wants to try something up to date and for sure if you already like Assetto Corsa.
Well, I had to wait until today to give it a proper go and I am really impressed. My ffb was almost perfect right out of the box, no clipping, I felt everything and I have to be honest and say I've never felt a more communicative ffb right out of the gate than in this. The car feels great, I can feel it understeering, I can feel the understeer ease off and the car come back in, I can feel the oversteer. Everything feels great. I love the HUD elements that are in too that communicate everything you need to know about your TCS settings etc. I can feel the brakes and tyres coming up to temperature, likewise I can feel when they are overheating. It's just.... right.

Now, the looks. Obviously a sim's most important criteria to be judged on is the way it feels. Does it feel like driving a car hard on track? Well, I've only driven a race prepped M4 and an F4 car on a track, not a Blancpain GT car but from the experience I do have yes, it feels fan-fappin-tastic. Now add visuals to that that honestly are the most damn near photo realistic graphics I've seen in any sim, game, movie, whatever. period. This game is drop dead gorgeous.

Driving at night in the rain seems just as scary as you'd imagine it to be, but at the same time hypnotically beautiful in it's representation of it on our monitors. The way the spray intensifies at speed and changes all the time depending on where on the track the cars are, what speed they are doing, the level of rain on the track. So many factors make this the most realistic depiction of driving with spray off the car in front of you that I've ever seen. You'll be moving to different lines just to see in front of you, and you might just find a line that other cars haven't figured out yet. All the hallmarks of racing in the rain. Absolutely brilliantly done. That's just in-car. The first replay I watched my mouth opened and I honestly got tingles as I've never seen anything quite like this before, and to be Frank (who is Frank?) it's just a joy, as a gamer, to be alive with graphics like this. I really was very, very impressed.

The lighting (even without RTX) is just phenomenal, and as I said before to someone watching a race in the dark like that with those cars really did remind me of watching the GT racing at Brands Hatch in the pitch black, hearing the cars roaring down Paddock Hill before seeing them thundering past in a cacophony of noise and rumbling ground beneath my feet. The same goes for during the day, the way the sun sets is mesmerizing, and having full manual control of all the lighting as the sun goes down is great too. You can control your rain lights, your low and high beam, flashing lights, directional indicators, hazards, everything (full menu and UI control from the wheel itself is also very handy).

Anyway, I don't want to go on too much, but I had to say something because if you are a fan of motorsports in any way, shape and form you owe it to yourself to get this game/sim and enjoy watching it grow. I believe the price will go up the more features that are added so it's worth getting in early imo. The Lambo is driveable on the Nurburgring currently, with more content being added each month up to full release.

As first releases go of an early access title goes this is incredible. Now if there are any kids reading please look away now as I can only think of this analogy as I type and I apologize in advance but it is what it is. It's how my brain works... sorry(!)

Assetto Corsa Competizione can only be described like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, R Factor, Live for Speed and Race Room all had an orgy and this baby was born nine months later. No-one knows who the Daddy is but it's got all the best bits of all the participants.

I am really looking forward to full release and racing with all the B2O petrolheads :)

Here is a screenshot of my replay driving a Barwell Motorsport Lamborghini, the team I follow in Blancpain and am lucky enough to have an affiliation with.


This is at epic settings with FXAA set to medium. Running well on a 980Ti @1440p 144Hz just so you know how it runs. Hope to see you all on track when multiplayer gets put in :cool:


Great write-up!!!!! I wish I could tell you if I like it or not. My wheel is turning in the opposite direction and I can't seem to correct. Only in this, works fine in AC otherwise. Very odd. Emailed them to see if they have a fix.
there is a little radio button in the steering options deb " Steer scale " it is set to inverted by default

EDIT: pics below as I forgot to attach them :p


Thanks @Netjun, that did the trick :D

With just a very short session, I can't say I am as enamored. The sound is excellent but FFB right now is awful, so I have to work on that and the sim is jumpy. I may uninstall and reinstall because I got a fatal error. I really want to test the rain. But I am still going to have to give it to iRacing on the track, they truly do the best job. Just compared to how it looks in real life, the depth, the imagery, you really have to give it to them, so I think this won't pull me away from iRacing.
Sounds like you need to give it more time Deb, you can't really form an opinion if your ffb isn't feeling right eh. Also you have to remember this is the very first iteration of early access. iRacing has years on this and ACC is just getting started ;)

I still play multiple sims so I don't feel like this will "pull me away" from any of them but once it's complete, there will be no better representaion of the Blancpain series... and for that I'm excited :)
For anyone playing this now, you MUST bear in mind that this is so early access that even things like the physics and FFB are still placeholder version, you have 2 sliders for in game FFB right now and it gives the most basic of settings.

@Deb I have little doubt that someone will come up with a simvibe profile for this before too long (if it doesn't have one already) which means you will have one of the best experiences of anyone with your accuforce.

I don't think this is meant to be a iRacing replacement, but for all the sims out there, this should be a wake up call to show what a current pc can do.

One thing I almost forgot as well @Deb is triple support is not in properly yet either so the track may not look accurate from your current field of view, It looks the same as iRacings nurb GP circuit to me though with one screen, I will get a better impression of it once VR is enabled.

As mentioned before for anyone thinking of trying this out, early access is very cheap (£22.99) and you get the full game plus anything they release in the summer 2019 patch. The price will double by release date.
You get a full 2 hours to make sure it runs on your pc (as per Steam's refund policy) just be sure to look at the roadmap that is very clearly laid out so you know what features will be included and when before the March 2019 full release.
Don't worry @little P, I will give it a chance. I did reinstall so we'll see if it is any better.
Well, I was worried I wouldn't get to race the Mercedes Queen there for a second :p

But seriously, it needs time, like Net said this is very, very early access at the moment so I think we will all be able to judge it come release next year. Up until then I'm going to enjoy being part of the EA program and basically paying for a pre-order which I get to play as it grows :cool: Kunos have already released an update based on community feedback. They've got a well deserved good reputation and it's been hard earned so I have no doubt this sim is going to be something special in the coming months :)

I've been having a blast with just one track and driveable car so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it grows. They've already said the next 2019 season cars and liveries etc. will be a free update too, so they are laying their cards on the table re: not charging for that which is great imo.


After uninstalling and reinstalling ACC and spending some time messing around with the FFB to try to get it right, I do like the game better. I tried the rain, and that is pretty cool, they do try to model the slippery effects. I really like the sound, the car has that metal echo sound you hear in race cars and I think it definitely sounds better than the AMG in iRacing, which right now the new sound model doesn't sound realistic. I will be interesting to watch this develop.
OK gang, The VR patch is out today, Kunos went to the trouble of putting a guide on how to set up properly in this early stage but as usual a great deal of people didn't read it and jumped straight in, the steam forums are full of cries of " nothing works " " it just wont run " and " I can't even use my buttons" ...................

So, after setting it up correctly I jumped into VR, it looks pretty amazing! I started off in ultra but that seemed a bit much and I was dropping some frames. I turned it down from Epic (yes they call it that!) to high and things instantly improved so a big thumbs up so far for the visuals.
Other than that the VR seems to be a better version of the original AC VR.

In this new release we get the Bentley GT3! It is very nice to drive and feels a lot closer to the rFactor GT3 cars than the iracing GT3 cars but I think people would need to try these things for themselves as my feelings on this are just MY opinion.

I have yet to try all the different options (day, night, rain, hotlapping, race weekend etc etc) but just wanted to give a quick first impression before i got too much into it.

I will also try to put a video up so you can see what I see in VR but I seem to be only able to record the ceiling in VR as my OBS is new and all my settings are gone :'( @ShadniX heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!
Thanks for the first impressions mate, I'm looking forward to trying this out tomorrow! Will give feedback then.

I saw the threads too and did chuckle at all of those whiners who literally didn't read the information provided by Kunos with the release.

Would love to see your video when you get that going too, as anyone with VR can relate what we see on a 2-D video to what you will be seeing in VR. I'm just curious to see how it looks with your Titan in VR. With my 980Ti I'm going to have to turn the settings waaaay down but how much by I will have to see tomorrow... *gulp*

I love the fact that Kunos are taking this direction though, build something that looks and sounds astonishing that even when turned way down looks good. But the eye candy and "epic" settings are there if people have the cutting edge hardware and are enthusiasts. Love it.
you can get a quick sneaky peak of us trying to set it up over on twitch, I did a little test stream earlier on, it should give you some idea of how it looks at least.

Still some fine tuning to be done of course :)
Ok, after tinkering around with it in VR all I can say is, I need to upgrade, or wait for the early access program to do it's thing and make further optimizations.

The experience was fantastic once I lowered the settings with the sounds being a particular highlight creating a very immersive audio environment (the sound effects of Competizione are second to none), but my 5 year old PC is struggling with it at the moment.

I'm not going to be upgrading until next year at the absolute earliest so will be able to take advantage of the development time specifically regarding VR once I update the silicon lottery beast.

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