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Although, AC will still be around for a long time i guess, untill AC2 comes around. Check out the nighttime shaders and headlights for AC now, mods and community is fucking amazing.
Autumn and winter versions are nice for driving this time of the year. :) The mods just keep coming, its insane how huge AC is by now actually. Monza example


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No dude, this is fine thanks u.

I recommend CM (content manager) super handy, all settings and even more, laptimes, setups, integrated SRS (simracing system). If u pay the guy a few bucks (i paid 5 euro with paypal) u get the full version wich will make the nightshaders work and much more. Its also very handy to enable and disable mods without having to overwrite original files.


Sim Racing System is a online ranking system a bit like IRacing with leagues and daily races and championships.
It is possible to host your own.

--------------------------------AC club------------------------------------------------- :cars and tracks (some older cars that have not been updated might not have sounds but it will say so in description). Tracks should be fine but will also not auto update, if u want to host online sessions, your mates will need same version.

----------- Racedepartment! ------------
Link for sidekick i use. This site also has loads of stuff for AC.
Sidekick has all the usefull info in a small window instead of having apps all over the screen. If u in cockpit and move mouse to right hand side of the screen, at the bottom there are 1,2,3,4 presets u can set for the hud with all the apps u want. Click on sidekick sections to change info.

----------- V8s supercars ---------


This one is a bit tricky because u will need Full CM and different mods installed.
GBW (good bad weather), shaders light patch, BLM lights.

Contact me if u cant figure it out because i have not found a clear and short tutorial on how to do it yet but i will try to put it here as much as i can.

custom shaders: --> updates-download

( currently i am on BLM 1.9.2 , GBW 2.5.1 , Shaders v0.1.25-preview13) u dont need to update all the time because these guys keep updating daily and its all a big work in progress so i just leave it now for a while)


In your AC folder, create a folder called MODS. steamapps\common\assettocorsa\MODS
Unpack the files there. For gbW suite, u dont need -extras- and -reshade shaders-
Make sure u respect directory structures

Then in CM, go to CONTENT. Enable BLM lights , GBW, and then as last Shaders lights patch.
If u ever patch with newer versions, dont forget to disable these first and enable Shaders light patch as last.

So enable custom shaders last, CM will give u message that BLM lights has files overwritten by shaders light patch.

------------------------------------------------ is this confusing enough for u lot? :) -------------------------------------
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@Nejtun CM will start up AC faster and go directly to the session u want to drive.
So u dont need to start AC the old fashion way any more.
Make sure u set your controls in CM because it will start Assetto with all the CM settings.
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So I recently got in to AC modding quite a bit. I got lured in by the Race Sim Studio (RSS) Formula Hybrid 2019. I was finding the iRacing F1 car kind of lacking, especially since it has almost no community around I decided to try the Formula Hybrid 2019.

Holy Christ, what a machine. It's hard to believe this was done by a small mod team. It drives with every bit the precision and fidelity I would expect from a full Kunos or iRacing car. I'm just scratching the surface really, but the full complexity of a 2019 Formula 1 car is modeled. Full ERS system, corner diff settings, engine maps, DRS, everything. I haven't gotten a chance to race it against other real drivers yet, but I am very much looking forward to it.

Some pictures:

The external detail is just amazing. The barge boards and floor detail are completely modeled. From what I can tell it looks like they mostly used the 2019 Mercedes as their external model reference. The floor detail, front wing and suspension geometry look very much like the W10.

To be clear, it is a paid mod, but frankly the price they are asking is a pittance. I think I paid 7 dollars US for the 2019 F1 car and the 2018 F2 as a package. Worth every penny as far as I'm considered. You can find it and all of RSS's work at

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