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Below, i will post some important stuff u need to do to setup original Assetto Corsa. Because i still see people complaining while they are on the wrong settings or never even set it up correctly to begin with. I am on a G25 but all this stuff might be usefull for other wheels as well. I put this here so i can always have an easy way to link to people and not have to explain everything every time again.
* You must run the setup wizard !!!
You have to start up AC regularly, without CM (content manager), once, and do the setup wizard.
So dont select a premade profile but run the setup wizard and follow instruction on screen. It is normal it gives you a readout like 883 degrees or so, it does not have to be bang on 900 degrees. This is just to calibrate your wheel for Assetto and get the force feedback dialed in. Once you have done the wizard, save this control setup profile and give it a name.
Now u can exit and start up CM and load up that profile. You will now have better force feedback made to match 900 degrees. 900 degrees is perfect for AC, anything more and less can give you problems and the game will adjust the degrees anyway depending on the car.

* My G25 settings: Most important here is 900 degrees, AC force feedback works best with 900 in wheel driver/profiler. And no centering spring or dampening! I see way too many people still using centering spring. In general, centering spring will turn off forces and just pull the wheel to the center. That is a big NONO !
G25 setting.jpg

AC force feedback settings: You can go higher on kerb affect for a bit of fun, but leave the road effects to a minimum, it can mask the real forces and all it does is vibrate the wheel to let u know you are driving, these are not the bumps in the road you feel, that is done by the real force feedback. I am not sure how much minimum force affects things, i have used between 0 and 5 percent.
AC forces Jeeve.jpg

Another thing that annoyed me was the crappy tacho in vintage cars. Just useless if you want to see what revs u doing. To fix this, uncheck -use accurate tachometers- in CM (Content Manager) settings. This will give you a smooth tacho that actually works.

proper tacho.jpg

* VR* I dont use VR yet but the option to - lock onboard camera to horizon- is supposed to be way better. Just on the old Monza banking it might give weird issue where the whole car seems to bank but not your head.
* I place my setups under - generic- . Why? Its always on the top of the list ingame, and i just name the set with the track its for. AC only shows u the setups for that particular car so this is the fastest way to find your setups and u have them all in one folder.
Move mouse to the right hand side of the screen for your apps.
F11=virtual mirror
Page up and Page down changes the exposure (brightness) for when certain tracks or time of day is to bright.
I recommend using Content Manager for using SOL and Nightshaders. These now work online.
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I re-installed AC and after reading through this post twice I have no clue what to do to make whichever addons I need work @Jeeve79 ! please could you do an idiot guide, preferably in this format:

  1. go here <insert link> and download this
  2. Go here <insert link> and download this
  3. more downloads that are 'needed'
  4. make a folder here <path>
  5. put stuff here and here.
  6. .......
  7. Click play -zoom around in a car
if anyone else needs anything please make a post and I am sure Jef can point you in the right direction :)
For me Jef I only need the ability to do mods to the tracks and cars and sounds and environment (if need be),
I do not need settings, camera views (my VR works fine in AC) or UI adjustments (VR menus are a pain to start off with, I do not wish to fuck with them further :D)
Thanks for any help you can give with this!
To install mods manually:
Place cars in: X:\...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars
Place tracks in: X:\...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

Often mods will come with extra stuff like - fonts, extension, config, system, .... - but you will see the structure of those inside the rar file, so place them accordingly in their right folder. Files are always structured inside a certain folder, so don't go installing seperate files in the root cars or tracks folder. -->

tracks folder.jpg

- ks_ - in front of the trackname means it is a Kunoz Simulazione DLC track, same with cars.
If you want to keep track of your mods in Content Manager and enable/disable them:
Place them in: X:\...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\MODS (make a MODS folder if needed)

Inside this MODS folder, you keep the structure as if you would install it manually.
Example: X:\...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\MODS\Watkins Glen 1.0
Inside this -Watkins Glen 1.0- folder, there should be a -content- , -extension- , -system- folder, and all their files. So it is the same as you would install manually.

Now, you need to enable the mod in CM. Click Content , Mods, Enable. -->

enable mods.jpg

CM will automatically copy the files u enabled into their proper folder like Tracks, Extension, System ..... And delete them when you disable the mod.
Note that the files will now be doubled up inside your Assetto game folder, once in the MODS folder, and once in their proper location. If you want to save on disk space, i would recommend installing tracks and cars manually.

As you can see here in my MODS folder, there are almost no cars or tracks. I did this to test or to disable stuff i might not like or want to get rid of, like -Aussie Vintage cars 1.2- for example. It is just easier to keep track of what mods you have installed, and to keep track of all that other stuff that goes into -system- , -fonts- ....... so i can keep it clean. Not that it really matters though, those files are very small anyway and can't hurt if you delete a track or car and forgot to delete the font or config that goes with it.
mods folder.jpg

!!! For SOL and Shaders Light Patch, i do recommend using CM mod enable/disable method.
CM will look a bit overwhelming at first but it all make sense and the options and setting it gives you is very powerful.
Content screen with an overview of all your stuff. :) I really recommend CM (Content Manager) to everybody.
I never launch AC the old way anymore, it is also way faster loading up, with your exact setting for the session.
No need to navigate through the cumbersome original Assetto menu.
content screen.jpg
btw i went to kerb effects 50 to get more rumble over kerbs since someone mentioned not feeling kerbs at Spa.

Also, by pressing + and - incar, u can set FF levels for each car and the game will remember this for the next time you hop into that car.
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