ATS / ETS2 Trailer Ownership is Coming!

Trailer ownership has always been a long lasting wish of the virtual trucking community, and it is coming!

Trailer ownership will be introduced in the 1.32 update for both ATS as well as ETS2. SCS has been working on it for a year now, and even though the feature won't be fully fledged out at first (not all trailer types will be available), it is quite an accomplishment that SCS got this to function somehow, next to the existing system of picking up trailers (which still will be available alongside this new feature). If you own trailers you will have a separate Cargo Market screen available for picking up jobs.

And not only will be able to own your own trailer, you will get to upgrade and customize it as well in a similar way as you do with the trucks :)

What SCS has to say about the trailers you can own from the get go:
SCS said:
In a nutshell, we have refrigerated, insulated, curtain siders and dry cargo trailers for both games coming in the update as ready to be owned. Moreover, ETS2 will host moving floor trailer variants. For European trailer configuration, you can choose from single, double or also the newly available b-double. American Truck Simulator will host 28, 45, 48 or 53 feet trailer versions in double, triple or even Rocky Mountain double configurations - these will be based on the geographic location of your garage to comply with the law in each US state. Flatbeds will be available for both ETS2 and ATS. Addition to ATS trailers are also flatbeds with a rolling tarp system (equivalent to European curtain sider). You can see there will be many trailer lengths and types combinations to haul cargoes of all sizes. We added one more fitting feature: ADR (HAZMAT) cargoes will „spawn“ appropriate warning sign on your trailer.
Pics or it didn't happen part here:

More info at SCS blog.
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