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I think the Porsche will be the clear favorite between these two cars, because of the name and the leading number of victories at Le Mans, and I'll be very curious to see the BOP between these two cars...

...but, despite being my least favorite of the R18's, this will definitely be my pick in the LMP1 HY Class! Porsche may be the top dog at Le Mans, but growing up in the new millennia meant that Audi was Le Mans for me. Starting in 2000, Audi captured three straight 24 Hours of Le Mans before being knocked off by Bentley in 2003 (damn traitor Tom Kristensen! :-D ). Then they won five straight before Peugeot knocked them off in 2009, and then they went on to win five straight AGAIN before Porsche came back to the sport in 2015. From the ALMS ADT R8's which introduced me to Le Mans, the butt-ugly R10's that introduced TDI, and all the way to the fianl winning closed-cockpit R18 e-tron quattro, watching the cars change and evolve has been one of my favorite memories of motorsports, that I never got to see in person. I'm going to miss seeing the 13-time winners on the ticker at Le Mans, but I can't wait to see these cars live on in iRacing, and I hope I'll be competent enough with the car to represent it myself!

Can't wait for the LMP1's. My love of high down force stuff is not a secret. I'll be driving the Porsche because I'm a Porschephile, but I'm happy they are releasing the class with two cars. Wouldn't be nearly as fun if it was just the Porsche or just the Audi.
Nice, that one does sound pretty good I have to admit. Bit of a lock-up at 0:34.

It will also be interesting to see the paints that people come up with, as up to now I believe we have only seen them in "official" colours.
Something tells me they're gunna be a pita to paint. They look like they're going to have sooo many seperated surfaces to line up.


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Something tells me they're gunna be a pita to paint. They look like they're going to have sooo many seperated surfaces to line up.
Many of the cars in iRacing are a PITA to paint so I'd expect these to be no different.

I spend the better part on 1 hour yesterday just trying to find where to color the dive planes on the Audi R8 LMS.
I need new work pants. Can I race both in same race? :D I'll be that guy and paint the cars in their opposite paints: Porsche R18 and Audi 919 :D


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Interesting to see that, unlike the R8 and R10, the Audi is right-hand drive while the Porsche is left-hand drive. Surprisingly, the Toyota was also left-hand drive. I would expect that mix from IMSA, ELMS, or ALMS LMP2/DPi/GTE, but since these cars are only featured in the WEC, and all of the tracks that WEC runs are pitted on the right side, I'm surprised 2/3 of them are left-hand drive, including the Japanese Toyota..
I've read somewhere that the toyota team engineers, back when the car got launched, prefered left-hand drive so the driver had better apex vision on clockwise tracks (like Le Mans). That was a big reason.

I dont think the origin of the car is taken into consideration when it comes to designing the fastest car.

Also putting the driver on the left is convenient during pitstops as the fueling is done on the right side. So those 2 wont be in the way of each other.
I'm live now with the new cars. Audi it outrageous, on exit, you point, it goes, love it. Setups have a steep learning curve. Totally different from what we're used to, and I have to see how exactly hybrid system is used. I know it's mostly on corner exit and top end is same or lower than HPDs at Le Mans. This is wrong, I somehow recalled HPD did 330 at LM :p LMP1 is about 20-25 km/h faster without boost. With boost, probably 50.

Done the stream. I think eventually, both will be equally popular. R18 has less to set up, no suspension, only heave springs, 919 has same suspension settings as the Fraud GT, so pretty familiar to those driving it. They're ridiculously fast and because of front wheel drive, the exits of corners are crazy because car just goes where you point it. Baseline understeers like a mofo on entry and low speed, so work needs to be done there. Hybrid deployment looks simple enough. You get 100% total deployment a lap, use it smartly, boost when really needed. 919 charges a little on the go, both do it mostly on brakes. R18s no battery speed a slightly higher than 919s.

These are my quick observations at Le Mans with LDF baseline.
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