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When I first got into PC's in 2014 and built my own computer, ASUS was "THE BRAND", specifically when it came to motherboards, both in terms of reliability AND in support, just in-case something did go wrong. By 2018, I was more open to other motherboards being more than sufficiently "reliable", but the idea remained that ASUS was the gold standard in post-purchase support. Over the past couple of years, however, even that has declined. When I built my latest PC, I went with a Gigabyte Aurus board because it was reviewed as a better product than the comparable ASUS one (Can't remember if it was a Maximus or not), and Gigabyte's tech support was reviewed higher (one post I read, at the time, that influenced me towards trying Gigabyte)

But now tech reviewers are mad, and ASUS seems to have torpedoed their own brand. Not only are they not top in performance, they're not even considered "reliable" anymore. For the technical among you, here is a Tech Jesus (GamersNexus) break-down of the current situation. For a more dumbed-down version, you can look to JayzTwoCentz.

From what I understand, they're current AMD motherboards are sending too much voltage to the CPU, and if you try to specify a lower amount, it still over-shoots the target. They've released a "beta" bios update to "fix" the issue, but even the "fix" is still over-volting the CPU.

None of this is what really has the reviewers up in arms, however. This issue only affects the latest motherboards servicing the latest AMD CPU's. They also released 12th-gen Intel motherboards with capacitors installed backwards, and then released a recall, but didn't actually TELL owners there was a recall for a potential FIRE-HAZARD in their PC... and that's the REAL problem now; the way ASUS has handled these issues publically. Poor communication, avoid admitting error, and avoid standing behind their products. Because their new "fix" is a so-called "beta" bios update, they'll void your warrenty for installing it! They shipped a deffective product, and now they're supplying, what they're promise you as, a "fix" but, if installed, won't fix the issue AND tries to get them off the hook for replacing it if/when it fails. Now many have questioned whether this "voided warrenty" can actually be upheld, but it's the same question that almost always comes up with "voided warrenties". They're playing the numbers game hoping that just telling people their warrenties are void will offset the cost of dealing with the people that will actually care, and that is both exactly the behaviour people SHOULD care about before purchasing products from a company, and it's the exact behaviour people have relied on ASUS in the past to AVOID, with ASUS support historically highly regarded as a selling point.

Their tech-support answers have been classic, with GamersNexus showing several screen-shots of people being told to run their Motherboards in the "default" configuration...

...because that's the reason people have spent $600, $700 or 1200+ dollars on "top-of-the-line" ASUS motherboards is so that they can safely/reliably run their high-end CPU's in "default" configurations...

To be clear, I haven't had any issues with ASUS tech-support, I needed their help once with my 2014 board, they replaced it, and the 2014 board lives on in one of my sister's PC's to this day. I have never required Gigabyte's tech support, as I've never had any issues with them. As far as I know, neither has JMart or my brother who also have used Gigabyte motherboards in the past. I'm making this post because, historically, when people have asked about motherboard recommendations, we have also been very high on ASUS, so I just wanted to put it out there that things have shifted. Maybe it will shift a lot, maybe a little. Maybe in a few generations this will all be forgotten.


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Gamers Nexus certainly has nothing good to say about Asus handling of this issue.

I can't believe Asus is panic building BIOS to band aid the issue however they force Customers to agree to "void their warranty" to potentially save their Motherboard from melting the CPU and/or self destructing.

Asus isn't the only Board Partner with this overvoltage issue however they're the ones handling it the worst (so far).



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ASUS took the weekend off, but has now responded to these allegations stating that the "BETA" warrenty line was copied from previous "BETA" releases, but they ARE NOT voiding people's warrenties for this BETA release... kind of feels like they're still missing the point a little...

Linus Tech Tips also announced in today's TechQuickie that ASUS is not the only MoBo manufacture caught with this issue, as (irronically) Gigabyte's Aorus motherboards (what I switched to FROM Asus) is ALSO over-volting the SOC, despite their recent "update" to cap the voltage.
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Linus Tech Tips also announced in today's TechQuickie that ASUS is not the only MoBo manufacture caught with this issue, as (irronically) Gigabyte's Aorus motherboards (what I switched to FROM Asus) is ALSO over-volting the SOC, despite their recent "update" to cap the voltage.
The Gigabyte thing makes sense to me, as I switched from them to Asrock (of all ppl), after noticing some weird voltage levels and auto overclocking of the base clock.
I see Jayz 2 cents also posted a video boycotting Asus.
Tough times for them ahead probably. Hopefully it prompts them to make the necessary changes.
A bit of a shame, since they used to be considered THE stable MB back in the day. My first pc build was an ASUS that would prob still be running if I didnt scrap it.
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