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Work has begun on our Blog to correct the plethora of issues present after the most recent update to Wordpress Thesis.

The goal is to bring the Blog inline with the aesthetic of the Community Forum.

Although rather far into project, a number of issues remain severity ranging from minor to critical.

As with the Forum Bug Tracker, issues listed will be tackled on a most to least important basis:

Known B2O-4K Blog Issues:
  • Menu hidden under black bar when minimizing window; likely a z-index issue.
  • Breadcrumbs MIA -> MUST ADD FOR SEO (addon?).
  • Navbar not pinning to top of page on scroll.
  • #Top #Bottom quick scroll arrows not implemented.
  • Poor formatting of content cells when minimizing window; likely requires a min/max value for content cells (sidebar to remain locked value).
  • Pages not consistent with Main. Once complete Main Template will transfer to Pages (ongoing).
  • Inconsistent Font Issues, font size, font-weight, font color.
  • Inconsistent spacing issues.
  • Favicon.ico upload not working.
  • Footer formatting not started.
  • Theme name inconsistent with Forum.

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