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As many of you have come to notice, the Website (Blog and Forum) are in dire need of some attention both aesthetically and functionally.

In saying that, if I have to do the work I want to make it pretty and, when possible, involve you fine folk.

That brings me to this topic we have here in this very area that your eyes are perusing at this moment in time in the area where you currently find yourself in this grand universe of ours.

I give to you the...


...or something.

Essentially there are two types of images I'm looking for being Header and Web Background Images the prerequisites of each as follows:
  1. Header Images: Images that display cleanly at a minimum resolution of 1024x768. These images will be used in both the Blog and Community Header and will be accompanied by SEO Optimized and Community Focused catch phrases that scroll in on page refresh. The preferred image type is one that suggests Community based play. As an example the iRacing Banners you currently see in rotation will be accompanied with taglines with topics relevant to our iRacing Community at B2O such as #PracticePals, League and Endurance Racing.
  2. Website Background Images: These images are a bit more complex as they need to be a minimum of 1920x1080 and high quality. Eventually the sites will be offered in an auto-stretch format scaling to approx. 80% browser width cognizant of resolutions as low as 720 scalable to 4k (possibly). For this I need images that can scale in both directions reasonably cleanly.
In parallel I'll either purchase or create a decent Mobile Theme and force the site to serve that theme when connected via Mobile.

I've already done some work in the background but intend to start testing and bug squashing sometime this summer.

Please do not host the images you want used remotely. When possible please upload them to the forums as that way they will always be accessible.

So if you got some images you think would be a good fit please do not hesitate to share them.

Thank you :)
New EFT patch goes live Friday and I am sure a bunch of us will be playing over the weekend, I will try to get some cool screenshots to use.

Maybe also grab some snaps God of War 4 if I decide to pick it up though there doesn't seem to be a huge interest in console games around here.

Edit: I uploaded a SS I found from a couple years ago you might be able to use part of all of.


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Even though a great deal of us play PC games ID, a load of us also watch console streams, I for one would like to see some decent God of War 4 screenshots as I don't have a console and wont be playing it myself ;)
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