B2O Community Gameday - March 9

Want to get the ball rolling again on another episode of Community Gameday madness!

Day: Saturday March Nein (9)
Starting time will be around 8PM CEST/2PM EST

As usual we'll use TF2 (Team Fortress 2) as a meeting ground, but feel free to reply with anything else one can come up with that supports a larger amount of players at the same time.

I highly encourage the use of some wobbly pops while we're on TS.

Feel free to come up with any suggestions you might have!

Hope to see you there!
Previous Gameday:

P.S. I'm thinking of including other's clips in my video, so if you'd like to make clips and send them to me, please let me know so we can discuss the details. Would be cool to get a couple other viewpoints aside from just mine.


Ooops, may have to defer the wobbly pops :( March 2 is 12 hours of Sebring. I would think a lot of us will be racing that.
I'm down, after learning how to scout last time this is gunna be gud. I'll try and actually remember to get some footage this time.
Another reminder. I almost didn't realize it was this weekend. But here it is already March.

So this Saturday. Be on at 2pm Eastern, 8pm CEST.
Counter-Strike Global Offensive sounds good. We can have a lot of fun if our teams works well together or we could even bet on a cs pro team following this link. Conan Exiles is not my type of game tho, sorry.
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I think it's best to stick with TF2 to start and after a while see what everyone's feeling. After everyone's sick of killing @Jerad a million times then we can switch to the popular vote.

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