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Thanks again to George for putting this together, it is really challenging but great fun!
Championship one is over now and number two seems to be underway opening with New Zealand!

Here is a screenshot of the final scoreboard for the first one (Codemasters site is no fun at all to navigate :p took me a while to find it!)

P.S Damn you Noel! :D well done though *sulks*
I had some issues this week. Unfamiliar car and stages and made too many mistakes.

How are you supposed to drive these supercharged mosquitos? I changed the setup to give me turn in off-throttle and using the handbrake can get you pretty sideways but as soon as I go on the throttle again it keeps going in the same direction as before Iturned in.
I found that it was easy to rev these cars too hard, and that gave a lot of understeer.
I didn't change the setup but I did turn in very early and hard, tried to get it facing the direction I wanted to exit the corner in Before I turned in and then just dragged trough (this didn't always work but it seemed the way to go) , also kept the revs relatively low as the power to drag it through the corner seemed to be in the lower and mid level of the rev range.
Saying that, I still got horribly owned by the guys at the front of the leader board :p
We are all getting owned by those guys up front. Maybe I should have made this invite only :D
Anyway, I am glad you are enjoying this. I will keep it going as long as you like.
There will be a short break after Christmas till the New Year. So back on Jan 4th

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