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Hello all,

It's been asked of me to provide proof of permitted sponsorship logo usage contained on Band of Others Endurance liveries.

Given many of you are willing to run our Endurance liveries both within sanctioned events and outside including broadcasts, I feel the time has come to deal with these requests.

For this reason I intend to contact these companies and request usage permission.

Below contains a list of sponsors we'll likely adorn, each will be contacted via e-mail requesting usage rights. I'm sure many won't respond or will refuse however after receiving written permission from CDPR to use Witcher imagery on the BMW Z4 GT3 I'm encouraged to contact whomever I need.

@Skid_Marc_, I'm going to need your help in this as you have a very good idea of event specific sponsorship. Please add whomever you feel I need to contact.

The following list contains what I know we've used with status of usage rights:
  1. Bilstein: not contacted
  2. Continental: not contacted
  3. Deck: dropped
  4. Dunlop: not contacted
  5. Falken: not contacted
  6. Fanatec: iRacing Sponsor
  7. Logitech: iRacing Sponsor
  8. Michelin: not contacted
  9. Mobil 1: not contacted
  10. Pirelli: not contacted
  11. Track IR: Pending
  12. Total: not contacted
  13. Valvoline: not contacted
  14. Xitens: Pending
@Skid_Marc_, do we need to consider the same for Weathertech, IMSA, Blancpain and the like?

@ElektroVodka, can you please request e-mailed permission from Ox for Xitens usage on our liveries? Please direct him to this thread should he require insight, thanks.

Lastly, since we'll need some fill in sponsors it may not be a bad idea to contact companies such as Asus, NVIDIA, BenQ and the like requesting usage permission.
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Blancpain needs to be contacted, but good luck, since they dropped their sponsorship. IMSA and WEC do NOT need to be contacted, they're already in the sim. Mobil 1 doesn't need to be contacted, at least if its used on the Porsche.

Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, and Goodyear do not need to be contacted if you use them on cars which have the appropriate tyre (GT3's have Pirelli, GTE's/LMP1's have Michelin, RallyX have BF Goodrich, NASCAR has Goodyear, most Dirt Oval is Hoosier, etc)


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This is what happens when I drink caffeine... what a waste of life.

Here is a list of sponsors in iRacing, at least the ones on cars. Maybe if I can get my hands on meth or cocaine I'll go through the track billboards, next... The top-2 categories are sponsors that are almost* always safe to put on cars in iRacing. The rest are situational, based on individual cars and the series/series' they participate in.

*You can't be a troll and put Chevrolet logo on a Ford GTE in the paint booth, so TECHNICALLY it's not allowed...



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