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@Nejtun, I understand perfectly what you're asking but you have to understand, painting in ETS is far different than it is in any other game I've skinned to date.

I'm comfortable with DDS files and the process of creating .scs files but those aren't the issues.

All models appear to have templates that work best with them, this can mean up to 3 different configurations for one truck based off model of which the Scania S 2016 is a perfect example.

This means I have to create 3 different individual paint schemes for the base and then "potentially" deal with the customizable addons separately. All then have to be archived and referred to in a .sii file archived with the package.

It's so convoluted and unnecessary in my opinion but there it is and there's no way around it. My guess is that SCS doesn't handle skinning as a separate entity that can be referred to in wrapping a vehicle. In fact, there is no skinning in either ATS or ETS, it's all Modding and for that you need a lot of files for it to work.

Adding to the problem is there are no wireframe references for said addons. I have no idea how to deal with this which is the issue you see in my screenshots.

I've gone as far as to download other skins from Mod sites but most authors seem to encrypt their files so I can't view the source of anything without a password.

...they do this (I'm assuming) so nobody can mod and take credit for their work.

I ask you be patient and understand that there are a lot of moving parts in each skin or mod you're currently using and most are done by people who've been modding for years. They know the ins and outs, I do not, and it will take time to figure it out.

To complicate matters further, my skin used to work but was rendered nearly unusable in a recent update. My guess is SCS changed something when owned trailers became available so I have to sort out what exactly changed.

All of this takes exorbitant amounts of time which is a luxury I don't always have.
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The templates that Quick provided include 3 different models of Scania...

With 2 classes of the 2016 model alone; R & S...

Which the R has two different versions, high/low roof (which, btw, these templates are 4096x4096... not the iRacing 2048 or 1024 scrub-ness...)

As well as the shared accessories between R & S...

Which includes 4 different versions of the rear fenders...

...four different side skirts...

And so on, and so on...

All of which need to be painted separately (excluding the "extended cab?" option, which is included in the template for the High and Low roof Scania R templates), and lined up one at a time in game...

But yeah, other then that its pretty easy... :rolleyes:


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Fwiw, @Kenadian, all of those .PNG's in the "Shared Accessories" folder are the wire frames I think you're looking for. They're just saved as single-layer .PNG files that you need to add layers too and save them as whatever.


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Fwiw, @Kenadian, all of those .PNG's in the "Shared Accessories" folder are the wire frames I think you're looking for. They're just saved as single-layer .PNG files that you need to add layers too and save them as whatever.
Ah thank you very, very much @Skid_Marc_, I think this is exactly what I was looking for.

My previous skin simply had blocked out areas for accessories that never had wireframe. Most worked but a few were off such as painted fenders over the rear axles.
I am in no rush @Kenadian :) , Just trying to understand what was involved with the painting side of things, it seemed/seems really complicated. your thing above also explains why some of the old skins i had didn't work as that really confused me!


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I am in no rush @Kenadian :) , Just trying to understand what was involved with the painting side of things, it seemed/seems really complicated. your thing above also explains why some of the old skins i had didn't work as that really confused me!
You and me both my friend.

I'm very confident it has everything to do with owned Trailers. My previous skin worked without the .sii file and you've seen first hand how it looks now.
Ok, so after using the paint that ken gave me, I have finally gotten my head around some of the things involved in making an ETS2/ATS skin.
Dunno how you do it @Kenadian !
Aside from the massive pain in the ass of logging in and out of the game to check your work there are a bunch of other things involved as Ken mentioned.

For me at least I had to get around a few things.
  1. How to use Mod Studio 2, which as I understand, seems to be way more streamlined than it used to be.
  2. How to use GIMP, I no longer have access to photoshop CS6 and as much as GIMP is very similar, I am really struggling to get it to do the things I used to struggle to get PS to do!
  3. Coming up with something that actually looks nice on the truck lol.
Anyway, I just wanted to share what I am doing, so if anyone has any pointers in the right direction or can see something I am screwing up then please chime in.

This screenshot is just to show I can actually get a skin onto the truck! The red bits that say "texture not found" are just placeholders for the bits I haven't painted yet and not an Error, This is one part of the template, and just the front, the logos are not in their final positions of course, but give me something to see where they line up!
Gyazo is my friend at this point for taking different angle to refer back to.

Mack WIP.jpg

Found a pattern I liked and my colours, just a case of doing one section at a time and taking it slow.
not sure how metallic works but I will look into that later
so I will finish the base layer then add the decals.
Starting to get the hang of GIMP a bit more

OK the base colour is done and the difficult part is over ;)
Now comes the REALLY difficult part of putting all the decals on!! watch how easily I screw this up!
If this works out I will stick with the trees pattern on the lady lipstick red background ( i found the brush in GIMP lol) any it looks like a smudgy pattern from a distance but you can see all the leaves and shit close up :)
MACK WIP full paint 1.jpg
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Yup @Nejtun skinning in ETS2 is a pain in the ass.

The one thing I'm not sure I've tried however is deleting the current mod and replacing with the same named mod as the game is running?

It seems like something I would have tested to save time and either ran into a permission issue (file in use) or game crash but can't remember.

Otherwise all you can do is name it something like B2O-Scania-R-v1, go to Profile, enable mod, load recent save and check.

Rinse and repeat for all subsequent changes.

It sux, it's slow and time consuming which is why I haven't exactly started rattling these skins off.
Yup, the reloading the skin part is the longest part , but gives me a chance to breathe! you can do it will the game is running though as I am just backing out to the profile screen which takes the file out of use
Ok, I am convinced Ken, painting these is a giant headache lol, it has taken me 2 full days and I am not happy with it!

I am going to leave it as it is for now but it still has some way to go.

MACK WIP full paint 1.jpg
MACK WIP full paint 2.jpg


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Yep, the very definition of PITA!

I may ask for your help @Nejtun in deciphering addons (mirrors, visors, fuel tank covers, etc.,) on stream and fix the Scania for both of us.


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Finally spent some time in ModStudio today and made a lot of progress on the Scania once again, thanks again @Nejtun for holding my hand through much of this process.

Also, learned a LOT today in skinning.

You can actually overwrite your mod when saving to ETS/ATS provided you've backed out to the Profile screen ingame. This is awesome as you no longer have to change versions and filenames all the time.

Just ignore the "Found new mod" message in ETS/ATS and load your profile.

Then go to a truck dealership online, pick your truck/config and then test paint.

...saves a boat load of time.

The only thing you'll need to be cognizant of is template changes in your graphic editor will not save under the current filnename unless you close ModStudio. Your image editor will give you a "file in use by another program" error if you try.

Mirrors and Sideskirts are now painted in the intended colors.

Sideskirts still need the bandofothersgaming.com url and possibly social icons as well.

I'll work on the remainder this week and supply paints to @Nejtun and @TokyoGwB as requested.


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Made a number of adjustments to the base theme:
  1. B2O Logistics Roof Logo resized (smaller) to fit both High Rise and Normal Sleeper better
  2. Band of Others Door Logo size increased
  3. Bumper pinstripe restored
  4. Painted grille should now display properly (hopefully)
  5. All shared accessories painted





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