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Hello lads and ladies,

Since a few days we've been fiddling with setting up a Rust server.
Finally the time has come that it's stable enough to run for days, and has no dissappearing items (Pants excluded).

Currently the server is whitelisted, as the first 2 days we had some guys join that thought it was fun to glitch their way into bases and wreck havoc inside, while still being a freshspawn.

If you want to get whitelisted on the server, leave a reply here or send one of the Administrators a PM with your steamname or the steam id.

The server is called: Bandofothersgaming.com
It's hosted in The Netherlands (or neverlands if you're speaking with a heavy British accent)
Currently it's set to 50 players, this can be increased at every moment as it's running on a dedicated server where we have full control.

Setup & plugins:
Bodies remain longer than Rust's default 5 minutes.
Lanterns don't require fuel.
Statusbar added on the bottom of the screen, which displays various bits of information about the player and the server.
Rust.io Livemap and Clans.
Whitelist based on Steamid.
Signartist which lets you load jpeg and png images onto signs using the command /sil <URL>, rust supports copy and pasting so you don't have to type the entire URL.

Livemap: http://map.playrust.io/?

Server IP/port:


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OK so I had a bit of an issue last night. I started using the code to unlock the doors around camp and it wasn't until I looked in my inventory did I notice I was also steeling all the locks.

Attempting to rectify this massive faux pas I took it one step further and actually started steeling the doors too.

I've left the door bits and my makeshift hammer in the Major Supply Warehouse, right in front of the empty doorframe.

You can't miss it.

Just to be safe, I would search the building for wildlife before affecting repairs.

Sorry :icon_redface:


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OK so it turns out that shit despawns or something so I grabbed the door and put it with Tools and Clothes stuff in the upper right box.

You'll see it among pick axes and plans.
Lol Duke, the hammer is used for editing buildings, so don't use it to unlock doors :p I hope were not getting mauled by bears in our sleep now, I hope I can make time to take a quick look...

EDIT: fixed the door of the warehouse, couldn't find any other missing doors in the short time I had...
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