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Currently I'm streaming 5 nights/week (for the most part) with Tuesdays being intermittent. I'm also streaming Saturday afternoons between 3 - 5 hour sessions.

I've committed to longer streams every session as some of you have clearly noticed the past few weeks.

Given I have a full time day job this is not leaving time for anything else and I'm already starting to feel it. I need to back off the schedule just a bit as I need time to create YouTube content as well.

For this reason I may need to back out of #Plebsquad Tuesdays, I'll still be there on Thursdays.

I'm finding it difficult to create YouTube content with only Sunday available especially since I'm usually looking to just relax that day.

Creating videos on Sunday is near impossible because it's the last thing I want to do. I almost always get into a YouTube project but spin my wheels and give up accomplishing little to nothing.

On Tuesdays however I've had a few days to contemplate the video and am far more productive.


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After only 1 week in this new position it's become abundantly clear that I don't have the time to continue my streaming schedule and work schedule as current without the fear of burning myself out.

As some of you may know, my Boss retired and I took on his job while continuing to do my own.

This means I'm basically working 2 Full Time Jobs which is patently ridiculous.

For this reason barring any changes the following is my new streaming schedule as of Feb 19, 2017:
  • Mondays 8 PM EST: iRacing #PracticePals
  • Tuesdays: OFF
  • Wednesdays 8 PM EST: iRacing #PracticePals
  • Thursdays: 8 PM EST - Intermittent.
  • Fridays: 7:30 PM EST B2O Blancpain Sprint League
  • Saturdays: Witcher Weekend 2 PM EST
  • Sundays: OFF
That is still A LOT of streaming time Ken. Glad to know you can still enjoy it and do this double job thing at the same time!
Hope the new work schedule doesn't wear you out of course, certainly don't want to see you burn yourself out! I am sure all of us will just be glad to see you on whenever you feel like it or have the time :)


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Just trying to adjust to double the workload, some training and readying for a major audit in April so ya, time's not on my side lol.

In fact I won't be online streaming at all the remainder of the week including the weekend.

Hopefully things right themselves starting next Monday.
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