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As you all know I'm interested in constantly evolving in a manner that provides the best user experience possible.

Band of Others Twitch Channel is no different in this regard.

For this reason I've created a short survey asking viewer, follower and subscriber feedback on what they like/dislike about B2O on Twitch.

It's a very short survey that should take between 2 - 5 minutes to complete dependent on the detail in your responses.

The short survey can be found here:


Also, if you have any feedback on the Survey itself and how I can better improve them going forward please let me know here.

Thank you!
Pretty cool idea this to get feedback :)
JFYI, there's a typo in : "What game do you mot enjoy being streamed" (mot instead of most)

Other then that I'lll make sure to fill it in shortly :)


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This has been pretty interesting so far and I thank those of you who've taken the time to complete this short survey.

I must admit however that some or the responses were a bit unexpected as I had my own ideas of why people view B2O on Twitch. In saying that however, everyone who completed the survey was a follower so it'll be interesting to see how it changes assuming of course that viewers and/or new followers decide to complete the survey.

The results of 17 polled so far are as follows:
  1. Do you follow Band of Others on Twitch? Yes 100%
  2. Are you Subscribed to Band of Others? Yes 58.8%, No 41.2%
  3. What Gaming Platform do you prefer? PC 94.1%, Console 5.9%
  4. What Gaming Genre most interests you? Simulation 70.6%, Shooters 11.8%, RPG 5.9%, Other 11.8%
  5. What game do you most enjoy being streamed on B2O Twitch? iRacing 88.2%, Elite Dangerous 5.9%, Saturday Stream - Various Games 5.9%
  6. What do you like most about the Channel?
    1. Ken (3)
    2. The personalities in Teamspeak and in Chat.
    3. Banter
    4. The group atmosphere and teamspeak laughs and jokes
    5. The laid back attitude and maturity of the stream while maintaining entertainment value (not easy to do)
    6. Interacting with Ken during races and keeping each other updated on our races and the social aspect
    7. The banter
    8. I love the banter
    9. variety
    10. Ken's voice.
    11. Consistent stream times.
    12. The conversation and chill chat
    13. Ken :D
    14. Humor, sincerity and community feeling.
    15. The banter and the racing
  7. What do you dislike most about the Channel?
    1. Not enough nudity
    2. no webcam
    3. Idk
    4. Can't think of anything
    5. loosing plebs
    6. Ken's mom. She doesn't participate. :/
    7. nothing
    8. Ken's inability to take risks and race with less than 30 hours of practice.
    9. That Duke guy!
    10. Not seeing Kens Face! NEEDS WEBCAM!
    11. Noel collecting dirt for his collection
    12. Ken D:
    13. iRacing camera setting is usually on scenic or TV.
    14. Nothing
  8. If you could change one thing about the Channel, what would it be?
    1. More nudity
    2. add a webcam, maybe audio clips in chat stream
    3. Ken could be nicer Kappa
    4. Can't think of anything
    5. It would be nice to one day actually see Ken, so webcam
    6. Have Ken's mom tell Ken to get off the computer and go to bed.
    7. nothing
    8. Colour scheme.
    9. Replace duke with a monkey. Might see fewer punts that way.
    10. SEE KENS FACE!
    11. Not anything I can think of
    12. would like to see you stream a little more often. other than that things are great
    13. Some more overlays would be cool, and perhaps something more interesting with the chat bots.
    14. The time zone lol


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What was most surprising to me where the typed responses. For this survey to work I felt it's truly important to have people type their responses as multiple choice can direct answers to a certain degree.

Total freedom to say what you want usually elicits the most honest responses which is why it's my favorite method of gathering information.

What I didn't expect was overlapping "likes" from the 17 polled so far and only 15 bothered to post dislike or change criteria. Of the 15 polled only a small handful took the opportunity seriously enough for me to gain insight.

I'm not complaining, I'm actually delighted that so far many seem content only requiring small changes to be happy.

What was really nice to see though is the banter, attitude and overall environment seems to rank very high among viewer satisfaction.

Why this is so important and such a good thing is that if it can help B2O Twitch grow it can likely help Member Channels to grow as well.

Pretty humbling feedback so far.

...except the Webcam darnit.
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