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I've come up with an idea on how to make Plebs accrual actually matter on Band of Others Twitch Channel however in the meantime I need to test several theories prior to full scale implementation.

As always, this system is meant to be mutually beneficial to viewer and streamer so there will be rewards once the system is up and running.

In order to do this I need testers and feedback so if you're interested please respond in this thread.

Pleb point system: proposed
  • Plebs reset 2, 3 or 4 times/year (yet to be determined)
  • Prize payout frequency to be determined (bi-annually or quarterly for example)
  • Prize payout structure to be determined
  • Rewards paid out through Steam
Pleb accrual: work in progress
  • Upon Pleb reset, everyone is assigned 100 plebs (requires testing)
  • New Follower = 100 plebs
  • Host = 5 plebs (can autohosting be filtered out?)
  • Follower Livestream tweet = 5 plebs (1 tweet stream/session)
  • View = 2 plebs (can a minimum view time be required?)
  • Chat = 1 pleb (requires testing to avoid reward spam/abuse)
  • Referral plebs (requires testing)
Program Qualifications (prerequisites):
  • Must be a registered Band of Others Gaming Member with a minimum post count of 5 posts (links to be furnished for ease of entry)
  • Must have Steam installed and be a Member of B2O Steam Group
  • Minimum Pleb accrual for prizes (250 - 500 plebs possibly).

There is a lot more to this program in the works however for now this should suffice as idea of structure.

Hopefully I can integrate most of what I want because I think it will be a fun system that actually rewards people at the end for playing.

Please let me know if you're interested in helping test.

Thank you :)
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