Baldur's Gate 3


this is meant to be their best one yet by quite some margin, the co-op is a little buggy currently though so unless you are playing it solo then it might be worth waiting a little bit.
I had this game during early release and was already in love with it. My computer doesn't currently handle the game very well right now since the final release so I haven't gotten very far.

The cinematography, items, choices, and side-quests are much improved from early access. The customizability is pretty great although you might accidentally "finish" your character without meaning to if you jump into the appearance first instead of going through the character background, class, etc. first.

You get different dialogue options based on your race and class. Your choices can effect how NPC and Party dialogues go. How you treat the merchants and what valuables you sell to them can also impact how they feel towards you and what kind of deals you can get in the future.

The audio environment is much more rich than in early access so far and I love that for immersion.

In early access there was only up to level 5 available so I'm looking forward to having the time and dedication to get farther into the story. To also try out different species & class combinations.


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