Band of Others GT Sprint League Schedule - 2023, Season 3


I think we said Spa for the 27th October race? ( i was very sleepy) anyway I shall make sure i wake up in time for race 2 when everyone is around!
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League tonight should be at VIR full as we discussed last week as very few (if anyone) has Ledanon circuit, VIR is an included circuit so come along!
I believe like the previous two weeks there will only be the Second (later) session that starts at " some point" after 11pm GMT which is some kinda something time as US and Euro clocks are not currently normally synced so your guess as to what that time is as good as mine.
Yeah sorry, I'm working on prototypes of a few products I hope to bring to market as early as next year.

There's still missing elements I've no vendors for as well as some new design changes I've decided to add.

...and this is one product I hope to use to allow me to afford global patents for another product I've been working on for well over 25 years now.

So, life.
May good fortunes be in your favor!


Can I suggest we move the time and day for league to one that suits everybody? if you aren't tagged then please respond anyway!
I am good for any day of the week but for times I would prefer anything from 7.00 am GMT to midnight GMT
That's 2 am eastern to 7pm Eastern 1am central to 6pm central , 11pm pacific to 4pm pacific.

I am not fixed on those times but they are my preferred times, please just put your times local to you and we can figure something out I am sure!
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I would like to be able to continue and can be flexible on times if we can fix something on a specific day and time. The most difficult times for me is mornings, so generally from 1 pm to 8 pm central time would work (7 pm to 2:00 AM GMT). If during the day, Friday would be the most difficult day for me as I usually can't free up until around 6:30 pm central. But most other days would work if I can get it on my calendar so I can plan around it. :)


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