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I feel like we kind of need a spot for our members here to post their personal happenings in other areas of iRacing outside of league. Whether it be an official race, other leagues, or just a one-off hosted race. The latter (one-off hosted) and former latter (other leagues) may be one in the same but I needed three to make the sentence flow how I wanted it to. This will be an on-going thread that will kind of be a "shout box" but for iRacing ventures/results.

Let me know if this is a stupid idea or share your adventures/results as a response saying "It's ok, your not an idiot.... this time."
Raced the first round of the Majors Series this past weekend. It was the 2.4 hours of Daytona in the Kamel GT cars. I ran the Audi and somehow managed to qualify into the pro split. Started 8th or 9th and slowly worked my way up from there. Ended the race in 5th after getting passed at the finish line by an Audi that used the draft to get me. All in all it was a great race with much respect and room given by the competition in both classes. I was pleasantly surprised to see my position in the season standings following the race. We'll see how long it lasts though.



Very exciting 4th round of Winter VLN in 90 degrees (yeah, I know, figure that out) for 6 hours. What a race, all track caution went up by accident and the admins had to figure out how to get rid of that, took awhile. We started 5th and finished 5th, some great racing. My wheel started having problems again and Bedo was able to jump in the second time it went out, so thanks to him for that. I dismantled the right paddle shifter after the race and found out the tension spring in right paddle is broken :( So I'm on auto shift until Simxperience sends me a replacement spring.

But the best news is Denis and Volker finished first!!!!!! Congrats to them!!!!!

Haha Deb when I joined you voice channel at the moment when you shifters went dead...omg what a moment :)

Congrats on P5!!!

We had good race, especially first 2 stints were P2 and I were 0.5 sec all the time but after I turned on NOS and I manage to escape ahahah, it was really fun.Nice win for B2O :)

Oh lol, almost forgot, check this from another league,I dont need to work anymore ahaha :) :)

Greetings Denis!

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Well, I guess you are a "professional" now, you have moved from the ranks of amateurs :D Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, even with all the issues yesterday, I had a blast, probably my favorite in the series so far, longer format and challenge to overcome the weather. Reid was suppose to drive some but couldn't get registered. So glad Bedo could jump in when my wheel went even though he was babystting. Yeah, you came in right as it went out and I was stuck in 2nd gear, wow, lost probably a total of 50 secs with the wheel issue if not more. Fortunately, we had a short stint coming anyway, so probably didn't cost us much on the pit.

After, I was watching this video that Bedo posted on the PL and the Harrod's car couldn't get out of the pits with a gear problem and watching the panic that ensued made me think, perhaps iRacing is more real than we give it credit for o_O

Haha PRO...yea right,funny :) :)

Yes, for me also, very nice group of people, like some nice league

I think it is impossible to sign up for a team when race started, only before but I'm not sure
All, could be some interesting reading here:
Interesting stuff. The latest post already taught me something I never thought about. If you drive on a hot or wet track you can move the brake bias more to the rear because with less grip the weight shift forward is smaller, and thus the front tires have less grip and thus the rear tires have more grip. This should work in iRacing too (even though realistically you're talking about a few % probably).

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