Bathurst 12 Hour 2017 (iRacing Hosted)

Sadly, iRacing does not officially organize the Bathurst 12 Hour but luckily Robin Esterson and Mika Eshuis have taken that up.

Car classes:
Class A:
- McLaren empeefour dash twelvesee geetee three
- Audi not an LMP1
- Mercedes SLS Mammot roar machine
Class B:
Volkswagen Beatle 9119918993 GT3.5 Coup
Class C:
Dacia Sandero Understeer

Rules, minimum iRating/Safety Rating:
Main page:

Race starts at 10:00 GMT with Practice/Qualifying servers in the hours before that.

I've signed us up Jes! Assuming you're still interested of course (I believe the race time changed lately), so if you're not let me know.

Is anyone else interested? If you want to sign up a Porsche team you'll have to be quick because there are only 20 spots.

I think they're still sorting some stuff out, such as live stewards, broadcasts but also whether or not they require a maximum lap time in a practice for example.


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I love the Porsche but don't care if I can't drive it for this event.

If there's enough interest I'll jump in a Merc with some one or two :)
Time to grind some laps now. Still need to get to terms with this car and this car on this track. lol We are starting with an ample amount of prep time available though. I'm thinking of shooting for 500 laps of practice. I don't believe I'll get there but even getting halfway is alot of wheel time to get comfortable. I just want to make sure I feel like I did going into the Daytona 24 this year. Although it is Bathurst being compared to Daytona so, yea. I've got four finished endurance events since last year and a crap ton more race experience than last year. Lets get some redemption this year, Noel. We had a DNF last year so even just finishing the race will be good.
this is just one week before the sebring 12h and porche class is already full.
besides, i fucking hate bathurst :p

so i won't be joining this one.
will anyone that joins this also join sebring?
Bathurst is amazing, you take that back right now.

It's certainly better than Sebring. Sebring is like racing on a flat dinner plate with lumpy mash potatoes all over the front stretch.
ok bathurst certainly has a lot of "action"....
driving in a train through the thin mountain roads followed by a draft take-over on the straights.
lap after the lap the same.

it's a difficult track to drive on, don't get me wrong. but it's just not for me.

i guess the real reason i hate it is because i can't drive 2 laps on it without crashing.... let alone 12 hours.

talking about sebring: it's an action packed, high speed, bumpy ;) circuit with passing zones in every section. dangerous in some sections but forgivable in others. easy to drive on, difficult to drive fast :)
that's why i like it!

the porche-sebring combo is also one of the best i've ever driven

(just my opinion pls don't kill me) :)
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I hate Sebring and am only doing the 12 hours for the experience with my teammates.

I would have done the Bathurst 12h if it was official and thus the Porsche slots weren't so limited.
Noel, I'll be going on an ice fishing trip up north from Feb 26th - Mar. 3rd. I'll be back in time for some practice and the race though. I had the trip planned before the race was announced but just realized there might be a scheduling conflict but I'm just clear of one.
Alright, no problem. I'll start testing some basic setup stuff in the coming days probably. My main objective is Bathurst and Sebring (unless I find a series doing Nordschleife somewhere :) ).

It will probably require quite a bit of wing. I have spent the whole weekend racing Nordschleife on wing 1 until it got known that all the fast guys were running mid-high wing. I tried 4 in the last race and was quite a bit quicker in general. The 5500 SoF splits were fun and competitive up to a point where they were crashing :D.
wait wing 4 on the porsche???? how....

that thing has the most insane understeer i've ever seen on high wing

i've gotta try that. do you think it would work on other tracks aswell? say okayama
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wait wing 4 on the porsche???? how....

that thing has the most insane understeer i've ever seen on high wing

i've gotta try that. do you think it would work on other tracks aswell? say okayama
The understeer is not too bad if you make the front very soft and set the rake high. The main advantages are more grip on exit and more stability. In general I felt I could push the car more with higher wing. I think it should work on other tracks too.
i've tried it and tbh i don't really feel too much difference. i knew the rear wing on the porche didn't have too much impact on the car but it's basicly purely cosmetic at this point :p

now this is what i've come up with at okayama and i think it's really really fast. would you please try it out and tell me what you think? :) i rely on you for truly fast setups.

(i found someone doing research on the porche rear wing. the top speed difference between wing settings 1-9 is only 3 km/H. that's what i mean by it doesn't have much impact)

don't mind the setup title btw xD


I would try your setup if I was bothered about Okayama but so far I have not found a good reason to jump onto the track :). I don't have a lot of time right now so I am mostly practicing for the major events.

As far as Bathurst goes, here's a setup with 7 wing as a starting point (mind the brake bias). I tried 4 wing but I'm pretty sure I'm faster with a higher setting and it's more stable despite some understeer in the fast left-handers on top of the mountain. I've done a 2:06.6xx in a hosted session with clear sky and 18 degrees ambient. Managed to get the fastest time of all Porsches by going into the pits and getting a 2:05.9, so that might have pissed of the guy with a 2:06.0 :D


I've just been farming some irating running Skippys at Bathurst. At 1892 now, up from 13-1400 a couple days ago. I think I'm going to stop for a bit when I hit a little over 2k. Its not a Porsche but I'm still learning alot in terms of racelines and other such racecraft around the mountain.
Jes and I are pulling out of this one. I had a choice between going skiing and the race and I did not want to pass up that opportunity. Jes didn't have a lot of time to practice so that worked out quite well.


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