Battlefield 2042

I want to be cautiously optimistic, but I can't help the hype has taken control. Looks like we're going back to a BF3/4 style Battlefield!


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I'm cautiously optimistic about this game.

The one part in the render trailer that got me pumped was when the damaged Osprey took a heat seeker to the left engine and crash landed in a base forcing everyone over the edge of the cliffside.

This entire sequence reminds me a lot of the BF3 map Damavand Peak and it was a really fun map to play.

I spend a lot of time on that lower level in the base and tunnel system and loved it, great map!

Having said that, it's a good map for 60 players but 128, hmmn?

Of course I think it's something different but if it's a hint we're going to see maps similar in design to what we had in BF3 then I'm all in.

BF3 maps to this day remain my favorite, in fact BF3 is my favorite in the franchise the only exception being BF1942 but that was back in the day. Dice clearly can't capture what BF1942 brought to the table, perhaps the franchise has just moved so far past it that it's no longer practical, don't know?

...but as a whole, the game has not moved in any meaningful way beyond what BF3 had, mechanically speaking, so I'm hopeful we can relive at least part of that experience.

Overall I'm pretty hyped and will pick up the game regardless.

I've the most hours in this franchise over any other. I've met a ton of great people through it and even dabbled in competitive play on a few occasions.
Apparently the 128 player maps are going to basically be BR sized maps with the largest of them coming out to 6kmx6km maps. The absolute scale of this game sounds like it will be massive:



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These are supposed to be the biggest maps ever in Battlefield.

They've also added seats to vehicles such as Tanks which were always just 2 people and now are 4 or 5 I think? It looks like they're certainly encouraging a bit more vehicle gameplay.
I saw a couple clips of them talking about.. hourglass I think it was? and it sounds like the map varies so much there's spots to get whatever kind of gameplay you want in it, from infantry focused fights in the arena to a village nearby that sounds similar to the one in golmud railway in bf4 to the big city they showed off with buildings you can fight in and zipline. between.

I am assuming they increasing the seats in part so they won't have to increase the number of vehicles by that much, I know how difficult it can be to deal with a good heli pilot or tank/lav driver, I would think having to deal with 5 or 6 would be a nightmare even with the bigger teams.


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I really hope you're wrong here and they increase the vehicles. Having more seats in vehicles is cool but if you've a driver who has no idea what he's doing and/or just wants to camp somewhere, additional passenger seats do no good as you don't go where you want much of the time.

The problem infantry has with vehicles is more an issue with poor map and anti-vehicle options/placements than talent level of pilot/tanker/ifv/etc. The reason they can continually f with your s is because they have nothing else diverting their attention.

You rarely see this issue in competitive play because Teams shuffle their asserts to shut down the component and block lanes.

Pubbie play doesn't benefit from this level of Teamwork so the level design needs to help out.

If it was an hourglass shape as you say and they wanted to keep it clear of vehicles it would be pretty simple. They could add plenty of static AA emplacements and roadside IED's limiting if not clearing the area of vehicle play.

Limit the amount of peeking air and ground vehicles can do while adding better lock on capabilities from static weapons and now infantry have the upper hand.

Vehicles are meant to play support roles which they don't currently. Once you make a flag capturable by tank or heli they are no longer support vehicles, they are active infantry killers that can camp flags and win games.

Throw in a Bro Bag, a rep bitch and a few smaws and you're nearly unbeatable.

Even though there's plenty of evidence to refute this, I'm pretty good in both IFV's and Tanks my specialty being range. I've been playing these vehicles for years and have loved them since Battlefield 1942.

The last time I was on Golmud Railway in BF4 I was accused of hacking numerous times because of my KD and the shots I was hitting against infantry.

...and it's not because I'm good, I'm actually shit and rusty as hell as I don't play nearly as much as I did in BF3 but...

the other Team had all their arrmor at the bottom flags along the roadway while I camped the Village.

Our air was better so choppers and jets were not an issue and the rest of out Team was fighting the road and railway flags effectively enough for me to stay out of it.

I ran IRNV optics (I think), the ones that make infantry white against a mostly black background, had good peek spots and enough external view visibility where I could not be C4'd.

See white moving in a destroyed building, kill him and everyone else flashing the flag, drive in, quick cap and out again.

Rinse and repeat for about an hour and I'm at 80 kills with maybe 3 deaths.

Also, when you're that high on the Scoreboard your Squad is always full. There's no shortage of rep bitches and it's also not rare to have a Squad mate gift you their tank when yours is down.

Easy to win if you have a good map knowledge, a good load out and mostly even Teams.

One of the reasons I'm hesitant when it comes to this game is EA/Dice still do not listen to the Community. They've been trying to grab COD dollars on this franchise for years and it's killing it.

In vehicle repairing is the dumbest mechanic ever and ONLY leads to vehicle spam. It doesn't matter that taking hits resets the in vehicle repair if you're in cover which is what good vehicle players utilize.

Also, there's no meaningful competitive scene since BF3.

This means DICE takes feedback from blueberries only and does nothing to improve the game.

If you want to see where your design sucks put it in the hands of competitive players and they will show you all the exploits in 1 week and have a callout encyclopedia.

I've heard nothing that makes me think this is anything other than an updated version of BF4 with move players, larger maps, more eye candy and better physics.

I still want to play it though because BF truly has epic moments and that's what I play for.
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So when are we playing this super fun buggy mess? :)
Apparently the bugs can be dealt with more proactively as the entire system has changed for this version of Battlefield, similar to how Fortnight runs. For example, Dice can add/remove elements without us having to wait for a client side patch, which has always taken forever.

As an example, a lot of the Server lag we were seeing was due to the proximity grenade Pokémon balls. Now that they've been disabled completely the Servers are apparently a lot less laggy. Also, the 00ber d00d with the shield had the shield disabled completely because it wasn't just reflecting bullets', it was reflecting missiles and all other incoming projectiles.

Having said that, it's rumored there's a big day one patch coming out that should address some balance and other performance related issues. Personally I hope there's a major nerf coming to those fucking hovercraft boats as they're wayyyyyyyy too op. They take as much work as a tank does to take down but without every suffering mobility which is ridiculous as they move so fast getting 4 rockets on them as infantry is nearly impossible. They're intended as light armor support vehicles so should go down like the truck does and suffer mobility given they're floating on an air pocket.

Also, being able to use a hovercraft to climb a building is stupid as hell. I was watching Ravic and mus1CK repel from building to building in a hovercraft until they got to the roof of a tower.

That's not a "just in Battlefield moment", it's a just inSanity moment.

I'll probably be playing this weekend but my eye issues persist so I may not be on for long periods of time.

If you want we can hook up Friday and figure out where to go from there.


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