Battlefield V reveal on right now (link inside)

No more season pass or paying for maps! woohoo! Finally things are changing, love it
I am cautiously optimistic about it. EA is gunna want their constant cash inflow from somewhere. Hopefully it's just in cosmetics or something. I feel like that reveal was a bit short compared to the CoD one.

I am hyped for the game though, it feels like we haven't had a proper WW2 game in decades.
Yeah the trailer was very Michael Bay wasn't it lol I kind of rolled my eyes at that one.

I'm looking forward to seeing the proper gameplay footage but I am impressed with the new animations and how that ties in with being able to go prone on your back (no sniggering at the back please) and not just being able to rotate 360 degrees without seeing any part of your lower body. Lots of neat touches like that were discussed and shown, very impressive.

I also like the idea that if you fire a projectile, lets say a tank round at the outside of a building it will implode, but fire the same shell through a window and the building will explode instead, just as it should. Also if a piece of masonry happens to be hanging after said event above your head, and happens to drop while you are there, you feel it in the form of damage or indeed death. Very cool. The fortification concept looks very interesting. Co-op is back (yay!) Of course it will look incredible.

And thank Odins sweaty eye patch they are going to do away with "season passes" and the like. Everything can be earned in game, just as it should be. I don't care if people want to pay for cosmetics that's fine as it doesn't change the game in any way for anyone else. I also like the sound of the new mode played over 3 days and a 4th if it's a standoff, that could make for some very interesting battles.

A lot to look forward to!
Although the music in the background really tugged at my nostalgia heart strings... my first set of pc speakers actually sounded that tinny when I booted up Battlefield 1942 and thus met a lot of people here I'm still happy to call friends 15 years ago
I would love it if EA could bring back some of the fun I had with BFBC2, but I'm not real optimistic that will ever happen again. Not only that, but Origin is nothing short of an absolute disaster..........
I loved bad company 1 and 2, both single player and multiplayer, such great games!

"THERE'S GOOOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS" haha Haggard was great
Jackfrags made a way better summary of changes and new features in BF V:

So many good changes that I am looking forward to, the movement changes and gun play changes that rewards skilled tactical play and less rewarding spam. BF3/4 was probably my favorite in the series so far, and it sounds like most of the things that annoy me will be fixed. Things like no doritos, no spamming healing and ammo packs for free points, having to actually consider ammo and squad load outs, and a more dynamic environment. Just hoping the fortifications doesn't make the game fortnite-y.


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As much as I hate to say it I'm probably all in for this title as well.

It looks as if BF is going back to their roots which is really what I'm looking for.
As much as I hate to say it I'm probably all in for this title as well.

It looks as if BF is going back to their roots which is really what I'm looking for.
Indeed, BF1 seemed like a good game but the content and ww1 theme just didn't interest me enough to buy it. This game seems to resolve a bunch of things I disliked about BF3/4 and add some neat mechanics that should add some extra elements of fun.

Also sniping looks like it will actually be useful now, not just a nuisance that hurts the team.


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Sniping in BF has always been about Server tickrate which has improved tremendously since the CTE in BF4. In BF1 sniping is actually quite useful however there still is the fact you rarely see snipers capture flags.

What would be interesting is if sniper ammo was more limited forcing snipers to come to the Control Points to pick up ammo. I have a feeling they'd be more apt to watch how the Squad/Team is progressing and actually support them as they should rather than lone wolf in some glitch spot.
I can't speak for BF1 but 3 and 4 it felt like a waste of a player slot. Snipers rarely contributed to mission objectives and usually ended up just sitting at one point and trying to snipe people across the map at another point. They couldn't contribute closer up because they were usually permanently spotted by other players.


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Today I received an invite for the Closed Alpha which just went live. Anyone else received an invite as well?
Nope. I have friends streaming from Legion of Boom who've been invited to every single Alpha since 2142 and I've yet to ever receive an invite.

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