Battlefleet Gothic Armada


Being the 40k nerd I am, I've been watching this game closely. I'm not sure who might've pointed it out to me originally when we were discussing other 40k games that were on the horizon but I thank them for it.

One of, if not my absolute favorite facet of 40k is the space ships and battles and the lore with it. The massive ships, several kilometers in length fielding huge guns and thousands to tens of thousands of crew, are just plain awesome. The combat is (obviously) reminscent of the age of sail, where huge broadsides of guns were required to decimate your opponents.

Anyway, I digress... for me... it's finally time to buy the early access on steam... just take a looksee here below. The video is a good run down of the depth of the ships and upgrades you can earn and such... and then an absolutely AMAZING multiplayer game.


The game's visuals looks absolutely stunning. To take ships that big and make it look that detailed and large is not a small task. I'll be grabbing this within the next day or so and reporting in on what it's like.


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Wow I never even heard of this until now. I'll certainly give the video a look see when I get home tonight.
So far, in the first hour, it defintely still feels beta. Not that it's a bad thing, because it is very playable. But there are a few things missing that I'm sure (I'm having faith here, but whatever) will be completed when the final version launches in 2 weeks.

The campaign, you can tell, is nearly completed and it seems they probably only let you do 2 missions to keep you from doing it before release. But the framework is there and looks awesome

Haven't dont much PVE yet but there is a lot of tactical elements to it that make it really challenging, so I can't wait to try PvP. It will be difficult I imagine.
I probably will but I should wait until the actual release in two weeks. The servers will reset then and it will give me a good time to really practice because the missions are interestingly difficult.

That way I can judge it fairly and have put a good amount of time into it by then. Stay tuned!


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The earlier you get that up, the more traffic you get.
People will start searching for reviews and the like before the game actually releases.
Once you get something up before the release there's a greater chance of higher indexing by search engines as there's still limited content available on the subject.

After release it's almost undo-able to achieve the same results, as every git and his toad will write about it.

Even a write up of your first impression of an alpha would greatly increase the chance of being picked up by spiders.

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