BMW 120 Series - Daytona Road Course (Teams Only!)


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For anyone looking to run the 24 Hours of Daytona in the BMW, there is a warm-up race this weekend, January 12th, 2020 @ 12:00 GMT, featuring the one, and only, BMW M8 GTE.

It is a 2-hour (120 minutes) team endurance race. I believe these will be run before each Endurance race this year? I would at least expect it again before the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and maybe the 12 Hours of Sebring?

Anyways, its a good warm-up race for anyone interested.


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I'll be on tonight turning laps in whatever the latest setup is. If I can get the car around the track without killing myself and others I may run this in the morning (God help us all).

Anyone else considering running this tomorrow?


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BMW just tweeted out saying this race was going of at "19hrs GMT". I can't access thr forums on mobile, but could someone confirm which time is correct? 19:00 GMT would be much more U.S. Friendly...
I probably won't drive the BMW in the 24, but I would do this race anyway just for fun and to get back in the saddle around Daytona. If anyone needs a partner let me know.
I'm actually not going to be around to race this today, have an important errand I need to run right as it starts.

I'll be around later this afternoon to run Road America in IMSA if anyone wants to shoot the shit.


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Thanks @Deb for joining me in yesterdays BMW 120.

Unfortunately it didn't really go our way and ended in an early DQ with approx. 40 mins to go.

Race highlights/lowlights:
  • Turn 1 Lap 1: took aero and possibly suspension damage 3 wide outside. We gave plenty of room however the middle BMW failed to turn and hit our front wheel.
  • Pit maneuvered prior to bus stop
  • 2x car contact (my fault) entering straight. Everyone it seems is struggling quite badly here so if you get a good run leave more space than you think you need to. People are not only getting through here slowly but many aren't getting on throttle until quite late.
  • Multiple offtracks avoiding wrecks or unyielding traffic.
  • Shattered nerves.
  • -30 iRating :confused:
I really hope this isn't foreshadowing things to come as this could be some of the worst and most irresponsible driving I've ever experienced.

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