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Came across this game via this video by "Falcon" at "Gameranx". This is a game developed almost entirely by one person, "FYQD", who created this game using the Unreal Engine. It is currently on Steam at a discounted $7 USD, down from it's normal price of $10 USD. This game was also in my "Recommended for You" because I played Rage 2 and it definitely felt similar to that, as well as another shooter series I enjoyed, Titanfall 1 & 2!

I was a little confused by "Bright Memory: Infinite", but it appears like that will be the title when the full game releases. Currently, it is just a single mission, as kind of a demo. At the end of the mission it will give you a score based on time, damage dealt, the amount of time you spent accumulating "style" (continuous damage), and number of deaths. You can repeat this mission endlessly, however, to try to improve your score, and I believe the XP earned carries over, so you can continue to unlock different abilities.

Here is the VOD of my first play-through!

Possibly one of the most fun impromptu 1-hour streams I've ever done! The game looks really good, and apparently supports RTX, though I'm not able to use it. Don't mistake me for saying it's perfect. It's got a lot of little flaws, and some of the animations are wonky, but the game-play is still pretty fun, and it can't be pointed out enough that the game is almost entirely done by one person.

"Bright Memory" was released to Steam on March 23, 2020, and the release date for "Bright Memory: Infinite" is still TBD


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Going back and watching my [poor] game-play again, some of the things I was slow to catch on to;
  • Even though your dodge claims to "teleport" you, you can not dodge through enemies. If enemies surround you, then you need to try to jump out of there before you can dodge. It is definitely best that you don't get surrounded.
  • "Interact" button doubles as your Light Blade attack, so it can be pretty finicky about whether you're going to use a lever, or attack it with your sword.
  • Settings kept reverting my Aim, Sprint, and Crouch settings from "Hold", to the default "Switch". I'm not sure if it reset because I died, but it was probably my biggest annoyance with the game so far.
  • An enemies health bar being empty does NOT mean they're dead. They still have a few HP left in them, so put a few more rounds into them.
  • Once the Light Blade is selected, just keep spamming it. It is out for a set amount of time, you can't put it away, so you may as well use it up before the timer runs out.
  • And just to reiterate; I state in the VOD that "Bright Memory: Infinite" is out now, but that is INACCURATE! The game has NO full release date, as of right now.


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That looks fun!!!! Is it SP only?
Yes, linear single player only. No open world, no co-op, and no multiplayer (yet). The developer did say he would be interested in a multiplayer mode, but he had no experience doing it, so it would need to be hired out, which would depend on the success of the main game.

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